Skydiving Santa gives presents to children affected by Italian earthquake

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The group also donated nearly €3000 to re-build local schools A parachuting Father Christmas has landed in a village in central Italy bearing gifts for children affected by a powerful earthquake that hit the area this summer. The group of eight parachuters, one dressed as Santa Claus, flew over Amatrice, the hill town at the earthquake’s epicentre. They were then greeted on the ground in the nearby village of Somatti by a cheering crowd of children, who had gathered to welcome the visitors. Each taking a turn to sit on Santa’s knee, the children received gifts and sweets. Many used to live in Amatrice before the town was destroyed by the earthquake. They now live in tents and temporary accommodation in nearby cities and villages. The skydivers, members of Italy’s national parachute association from the nearby city of Terni, also donated nearly €3000 (£2500) to Somatti’s schools and nursery to help with the reconstruction effort. The devastating earthquake struck central Italy on August 24, killing nearly 300 people and leaving thousands homeless.

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