Residents are happy that Santa CCTV cameras

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Residents are angry that CCTV cameras put up to deter anti-social behaviour have been taken down. District councillor Mrs Gill Dawn, who represents the Winthorpe Road area of Newark with Mrs Irene Brown, said they had not been consulted about the removal of the cameras. They are supporting residents who want to see them returned. Mrs Dawn said the cameras were among the first in the Newark and Sherwood district to be put up after the two councillors highlighted anti-social behaviour in the area. She said that since the cameras were removed problems, such as shed break-ins, had increased. Residents are to start a petition asking Newark and Sherwood Homes, which is responsible for the cameras, to reinstate them. Residents met Newark MP Mr Robert Jenrick on Monday to raise concerns about the cameras and police presence in the area. He said he would he writing a joint letter with the councillors asking Newark and Sherwood Homes to reinstate the cameras. Mr Jenrick said the residents had been told the cameras were taken down because police had asked for footage on only two occasions recently. “We draw a different conclusion — that the cameras and footage have served a purpose in deterring people from committing crimes,” he said. ‘We treat all reports seriously’ Inspector Louise Clarke, the neighbourhood policing inspector responsible for policing in the Newark and Sherwood area, said: “We have a dedicated beat team for the Bridge Ward, who carry out regular patrols in the area and are available to address any concerns raised. “We treat all reports of anti-social behaviour seriously. We recognise it is an important issue to individuals and communities. “We would urge people to report any ongoing problems of anti-social behaviour to us.” Mr Jenrick said residents told him about an increase in crime in the area and their wish to have a higher police presence. He is to ask for a meeting with Inspector Clarke, the area’s district councillors and the residents’ association to discuss the issues. Mr Stephen Feast, director at Newark and Sherwood Homes, said the cameras on Winthorpe Road were removed because of a consistent low-level of anti-social behaviour in the area. “If this has changed, however, we will work alongside the police, district council and local councillors to find the most appropriate solution,” he said. “Working with other partners to deter anti-social behaviour is extremely important to us. “We continually review the use of CCTV cameras with partners to ensure they are used effectively.”       

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