Bah-humbug outcry over town centre shop’s Christmas display

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Christmas has arrived early at a town centre shop - and has caused a bah-humbug outcry among people still enjoying their summer holidays. Closs and Hamblin craft shop in West Street, Horsham, has a Christmas display in its window which has prompted many to cry ‘too soon’! Some have taken to social media to vent their feelings with one saying: “For goodness sake, it’s still summer.” Another posted: “Ridiculous. Actually makes me really cross.” But others leapt to the shop’s defence, pointing out that the shop caters for crafters who need time to create Christmas goodies.And shop manager Jody Riddle said: “If you are making Christmas it’s never too early to start.”But she admitted that the shop’s Christmas window display is a tad early this year. “We usually wait until after the children are back at school.”However, she said, the shop rotates its displays every two weeks and was planning furnishing displays over the next month. “Everything in our window is from our crafting range,” she said. “It’s not ready-made things for sale. We have some fabulous items - you can make your own Christmas stockings or advent calendars. Everything is selling really well.” Read more at: Read more at:

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