HO NO NOMums moan about shops which are ALREADY selling Christmas cards in August… so when is too early to start preparing?

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A MUM has slammed super keen shops which are ALREADY selling Christmas cards and chocolates - before the kids have even gone back to school. The Mumsnet user's tongue-in-cheek post was entitled "Am I being unreasonable to think it's TOO F***ING EARLY FOR CHRISTMAS!" Among her moans were that Oxford Street already has its displays up, Tesco is selling "Christmas bloody chocolates" and charity shops have cards for sale. She added: "IT'S A WHOLE THIRD OF A YEAR UNTIL CHRISTMAS". PumpkinPie2016 was equally annoyed, saying: "A pub near us has their 'Christmas bookings now being taken - hurry to avoid disappointment' banner up! "I like Xmas just as much as the next person but it's way too early! I swear it gets earlier every bloody year!" And they're not the only ones. myshinynewusername wrote: "I saw my first Christmas tree of the year up in someone's living room window over a fortnight ago." While toffee1000 wrote: "It's still August FFS (for f***s sake)!! Way too early for Christmas", and Mrskeats labelled it "ridiculous". Jay55 added: "It's summer. Are we skipping autumn altogether? I hate it. Bah humbug no Christmas for me." Heron98 agreed, writing: "I like Christmas but don't do anything about it until December. Otherwise it gets dull. "Surely if you've faffed about doing Christmas stuff for months you're bored of it by the time it comes?" And PoppyPopcorn ranted: "The whole Christmas thing is marketing and consumerism way out of control. "Nobody NEEDS to buy those bug tubs of chocolates at the till in Tesco on the 21st of F***ING AUGUST." The Mumsnetters aren't alone, as social media is also full of people moaning about Christmas advertisements in August. However, others on the mum-focused site thought it was never too early to be prepared. CupOfTeaAndABourbon said: "The official countdown starts for me on 1st September. As you said, only a third of the year to go". While PutTheBunnyBackInTheBox wrote: "I started my Christmas shopping a couple of weeks ago!" And HighwayDragon1 said: "Only 4 paydays! I spend around £75 per month from now and it's all done by December, no debt, no stress." Meanwhile, Bisquick joked: "Christmas is precisely 18 Sundays away. I'm literally counting down the days. "Then again, I'm humongous, pregnant with a hopefully rainbow baby, weepy and emotional, due on Christmas Day and just really wishing the intervening weeks away. "For everyone else yes it's probably way too early." Another organised mum said: "I'm glad things are starting to appear in shops. It makes buying on a budget a whole lot easier when I can start now." In related news, Waitrose revealed its chocolate mince pies in JUNE - as shops geared up for Christmas food fight SIX months early. While we went behind the scenes in Iceland’s secret £2m test kitchen – to review the new Michelin chef-inspired Christmas products (including a snowflake surprise cake and a GOLD turkey). read more on www.mumsnet.co.uk

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