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As big stores like Disney, Amazon, Argos, ToysRUs, and Hamleys start releasing their predictions for the bestselling toys of Christmas 2017, we take a look at the toys we think kids will really rate... In the months leading up to December, the biggest toy sellers and industry experts announce their top toy predictions for Christmas 2017. And, as the top Christmas lists come in, we pull together the best toys recommended by Argos, Amazon, ToysRUs, Tesco and Hamleys. So we've been checking the toys out, playing with them, getting kids to play with them and finding out the cheapest places to buy the toys – updated in realtime wherever we can. Here's what we like the look of for Christmas 2017 so far – the lists from Amazon and Argos are in – along with some great choices from last year, too... 1. Little Tikes Princess Horse & Carriage, £109.99 Recommended by: Amazon Age: 18months+ Get this for a fantasy princess toy! The (practically) all-singing, all-dancing toddler ride-on comes complete with clip-clop sounds and horse that moves from side to side! You can take the reins and pull the carriage along or let your 'driver' child hold the reins, while you push it along using the handle on the roof. You can also remove the floor if your toddler fancies 'walking' the carriage along by themselves. Fisher Price teach n tag move 2. Fisher-Price Teach n Tag Movi, £44.99 Recommended by: Argos Age: 3+ A cute interactive learning robot for preschoolers that can spin 360 degrees and make over 60 different facial expressions. Movi has been designed to combine critical thinking skills with active play. He has 3 game modes and 6 games to choose from: our favourite at the moment is 'Red Light, Green Light' – fun! 3. Paw Patrol Sea Patroller, £69.99 Recommended by: Amazon and Argos Age: 3+ The latest Paw Patrol playset converts from a ship, with working crane and cage, to a land vehicle – just slide the bridge forward and watch the wheels drop down. There's also a ramp that opens at the front, so you can load your other Paw Patrol vehicles inside. Comes with Ryder, ATV – and his baby octopus friend. (Note: it doesn't actually float when it's a boat, so don't use as a bath toy!) 4. BB-9E app-enabled droid, £149.99 Recommended by: Disney Currently on sale at Disney Store Last Christmas, the BB-E was a sell-out smash hit, and this year the BB-9E, from the new The Last Jedi movie (out mid-December) from Hasbro is set to do the same. Use your smart device to control this fierce little android. The price suggests 'collectors' item' - but if you don't mind splashing out, it will make for awesome playtime fun. Age: 3+ 5. VTech Kidizoom Flix playset, £59.99 Recommended by: Amazon Age: 4+ Flix will become your little one's alien friend. He has facial recognition, so will know your child when she talks to him (pretty cool). You can change his eyes and skin colour, and he'll repeat words and phrases back to you and use his quirky alien voice. He also takes secret photos and videos. He detaches from his tripod so you can take him anywhere. Oh, and he comes in this rather fetching blue – or pink, if you prefer. 6. LEGO Friends Sunshine Catamaran, £64.99 Recommended by: Argos Age: 7+ A 600-piece set that builds into a 32cm x 29cm x 17cm 3-level catamaran, with sun deck and pool, a bridge with steering controls, slide and spiral stairs. Comes with 3 mini-figures, a banana boat, and accessories including an inflatable ring, life belts, flippers, 2 dolphins, ice creams, baskets, a smartphone and an MP3 player. Only drawback: it doesn't actually float on water... 7. Transformers: The Last Knight RC Sqweeks, £69.99 Recommended by: Argos Age: 3+ A 21cm 'autobot' based on the small-but-determined character in Transformers: The Last Knight. You can make him sing and dance and talk, or switch him into blaster mode and fire his 'blaster accessory'. Comes with remote control and full instructions. Needs 6 x AA batteries (not included). 8. Luvabella doll, £79.99 (not yet on sale) Recommended by: Argos Age: 3+ This robotic doll (shown here as a slightly scary prototype) has an astonishingly expressive face – her lips move and her eyes blink. And she is programmed with 100s of responses and reactions. So, if you tickle her tummy or her toes, she will giggle, if you give her her lamb toy, she will kiss it, and if you cover her eyes, she will play peekaboo! She'll also adapt to how your child likes to play, responding more positively to repeated actions, and even learning to say a few words. ColEGGtibles 9. Hatchimals CollEGGtibles, £2.99 a pack Recommended by: Argos Age: 5+ The baby brothers and sisters of the big £60 Hatchimal that was THE Christmas toy of 2016, these little eggs hatch in the same way (after lots of rubbing and stroking) and then you can use the shell as a nest. There are over 70 (yes, 70!) of them to collect and you can tell from the colour of the speckles on the shell which CollEGGtible family your egg is going to hatch into. 10. Lego Boost, £149.99 Recommended by: Amazon Age: 7-12 This LEGO robot takes construction to another level - you can style him to be a classic looking bot or turn him into a cat, guitar or auto-builder. There are 840 pieces in this epic set, and each one of the different robot styles has a set of activities designed especially for it: access them using the dedicated app. We can't quite believe how many skills this toy rolls into one... 11. Beauty and the Beast tea set, £20.99 Recommended by: Disney Age: 3+ Everyone will want to be your guest if you grab this super-cute tea set, featuring a talking Mrs Potts, 4 cups and saucers and tray. Jolly looking and good value, we reckon this could be a big Chrimbo hit with younger Disney fans. Love it. Currently available at Disney Store Lightning McQueen 12. Disney Cars 3 Lightning McQueen RC Car, £19.99 Recommended by: Argos and Disney Age: 4+ This 2-channel radio-controlled toy version (1:24 scale) of the coolest Cars character does all the normal whizzy forward, backward, left and right stuff but also has an awesome turbo function that'll help you burn the tyres off your 4-wheeled arch-enemy Jackson Storm. Needs 5 x AA batteries (not included). 13. Melissa and Doug Chef's Kitchen, £150.99 Recommended by: Amazon Age: 3+ In a world where robots and talking unicorns seem to rule the roost, we love, love LOVE this beautiful wooden kitchen. It's no frills, no fuss - though pretty luxurious (we'd quite like this as our ACTUAL kitchen) and we know a LOT of little ones who would love to while away the hours, days and months cooking up delicious treats here. It's also actually meant to be pretty simple to put up - so don't worry about any Christmas Day construction panics. 14. Pie Face Sky High Game, £26.99 Recommended by: Amazon Age: 5+ The runaway hit of the last 2 Christmases, was Pie Face - and now it's coming back in a new way for 2017: a freestanding 'fairground' style version where you hit the hammer and see how far up you can get the pie to splat your opponent. Never in the history of games has something caused so much mess - and fun. Pie us now! 15. Anki Cozmo, £199.99 (not available in the UK till 15th September) Recommended by: Amazon Age: 7+ Ok, we know the price point's pretty gulp-some on this little fellow, but he really is pretty special. We've spent a bit of time with Cozmo and his personality really does evolve as you hang out with him more. He'll nudge you to play with him, and we've even seen him get annoyed and move away from his 'owner' when they'd ignored him for a while - though he soon comes around. Check out our great video of Cozmo doing his weights practice 16. Tiny Treasures Newborn baby doll, £39.99 GOLD WINNER: MADEFORMUMS TOY AWARDS Recommended by: Argos Age: 3+ An incredibly life-like doll who has a baby-perfumed smell (the nice smells not the pooey ones) and is soft enough to cuddle, although weighs the same as a newborn. She also comes with a birth certificate, hospital tag and a cardboard car seat. Exclusive to Argos at £39.99 See the MFM Gold-Award-winning features of the Tiny Treasures doll on our MadeForMums Toys YouTube Channel 17. Star Wars Rey doll, £19.99 Recommended by: Disney Age: 4+ As we've already mentioned, with the new Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi, due out just days before Christmas, we reckon this new Rey doll could be just a bit of a hit. Disney thinks so too and has included it in their Christmas wish list selection. It stands at 18" and looks great - but there could be a divide between the kids who want to play with it and the adults to want to keep it boxed as another Star Wars collectors item. Decisions, decisions. Currently on sale at Disney Store 18. Furby Connect, £99.99 Recommended by: Amazon, ToysRUs and Toys TV Age: 6+ Furby has come a long way since 1998 when it first made an appearance (and sold 27 million in that first year). Furby Connect now comes with an app, has eyes that show 150 expressions and gets regular updates via Bluetooth. And guess what? If Furby gets that little bit irritating, you can pop on an eye mask and Furby goes to sleep. Currently on sale on Amazon at £5 off 19. Pua plush toy (Moana), £14.99 Recommended by: Disney Age: All ages There's nothing like a new cuddly toy for Christmas, and Pua here is super soft and won't break the bank. If you've got any Moana fans in the house we reckon this is a sure-fire winner. Currently available at Disney Store 20. SelfieMic, £19.99 Recommended by: Argos and ToysRUs Age: 8+ More than just a karaoke mic, this one comes with a selfie stick and a pop-star-style earpiece. Like many of this year's top toys, it comes with an app too. Expect lots and lots of video-making... See Cadence, age 10, review the SelfieMic on our MadeForMums Toys YouTube Channel Compare deals from top retailers 21. VTech Kidi Super Star karaoke toy, £49.99 Recommended by: Amazon and Toys TV Age: 6+ This karaoke toy removes the vocal of any track that you play via an iPod/MP3 player connection. Your child can also change the sound of their voice and try out tongue twisters, while setting the lights to 'disco'. Currently on sale at Amazon at £15 off 22. Zoomer Chimp, £119.99 Recommended by: Argos and Toys TV Age: 5+ Another robotic toy, this chimp is aimed at a younger crew than Chip the dog. Zoomer does over 100 tricks, including flips and dancing, has a moving mouth filled with teeth and will suddenly lie on its back and giggle hysterically. Oh yes, Zoomer also laughs at its own bumps and farts. Currently on sale at Argos at £20 off See Lola, age 6, review Zoomer Chimp on our MadeForMums Toys YouTube Channel 23. Snuggles My Dream Puppy, £49.99 GOLD WINNER: MADEFORMUMS TOY AWARDS Recommended by: Argos Age: 4+ For children who love having little toys pets, this life-like but floppy puppy has the ability to nod its head, move its stomach while breathing and scrunch up its nose. A great choice as a bedtime pal for nervous sleepers. We couldn't find anyone currently discounting Snuggles. Available at Argos and Smyths Toys for £49.99 See the MFM Gold-Award-winning features of Snuggles My Dream Puppy on our MadeForMums Toys YouTube Channel 24. VTech Toot Toot Drivers Goldmine, £52.99 Recommended by: Argos Age: 1+ Chunky, colourful and easy to click together, the goldmine features a motorised minetrain that chugs around the track and loads up with cargo. The mountain also has a shape sorter and, joy of joy, the train makes sounds and plays tunes. Available at Smyths Toys for £3 off See Finley, age 2, review the Toot Toot Drivers Goldmine on our MadeForMums Toys YouTube Channel 25. Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Thomas' Sky-High Bridge Jump Train Set, £99.99 Recommended by: Amazon and ToysRUs Age: 3+ You have to see this in action: Thomas the Tank Engine flies through the air. Yes, he's a daredevil all along. You'll need a lot of space - it can stretch up to 5 foot long - and a lot of patience to put the 80+ pieces together, but once it's done, set Thomas off and watch him spin up the tower and jump from one track to another. Currently on sale at Amazon at £10 off 26. VTech KidiZoom Action Cam, £49.99 Recommended by: Amazon Age: 5+ Your child's own 'Go-Pro', the KidiZoom has mounts to attach to a bike or a helmet, plus a waterproof case that can film underwater photos and videos and options to customise pics with cartoon images. You will need to buy your own SD card. Currently on sale at Amazon at £18 off See Hal, age 6, review the KidiZoom Action Cam on our MadeForMums Toys YouTube Channel 27. Lego Friends Party Shop, £29.99 Recommended by: Toys R Us Age: 6-12 years Want to throw a Lego party? You get two mini-doll figs, a party shop, balloons and the big party piece – a chocolate fountain (and food to dip in it). Have to say, we love the Friends Amusement Park sets (who can resist a rollercoaster?). Currently on sale at ToysRUs at £5 off 28. Dreamworks Trolls Hug Time Poppy, £50 Recommended by: Toys R Us and Hamleys Age: 4+ Poppy is one of a series of interactive doll trolls. Poppy comes with a bracelet, which interacts with Poppy – lighting up her hair to a musical beat and also lighting up her own bracelet. Press Poppy’s tummy and she’ll talk (OK, she’ll say 25 phrases), dance and sing. As you would expect from any self-respecting troll, you can brush her magnificent pink mane and style it. Available from Smyths Toys 29. Lego Ninjago Samurai X Cave Chaos, £99.99 Recommended by: Toys R Us Age: 9-14 years The fourth Lego set on this Christmas list – this Ninjago set features 8 mini-figs, a prison with an opening ‘door’ featuring laser-beams, a moving lift, a launchpad, Samurai X bike with its own parking space and weapons galore. Currently available from Toys R Us at £5 off 30. Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck Playset, £29.99 Recommended by: Toys R Us Age: 3+ It’s designed as an ice-cream van but it’s also a lip gloss maker. It makes different flavours of lip gloss and then, when it’s poured into the van funnel, it dispenses it like soft ice cream. Available at Toys R Us and The Entertainer/The Toy Shop Which toy is your favourite?

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