Christmas countdown: how to manage your cash

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news from santa cctv A free debt counselling service is calling on people in Copeland to save and stay in the black this Christmas. Julian Berkeley, manager of Whitehaven's Christians Against Poverty (CAP) Centre, has spoken out as the 100 day countdown to the festivities begins. As personal borrowing is on the rise, the organisation is advising people to plan what they are going to spend this Christmas and save as much as they can. Mr Berkeley said: "Every year we see people whose finances were already fragile but too much Christmas spending pushed them over the edge. It doesn’t have to be that way if you start early. Just saving £5 per week now will give you £75 to spend on presents and food. "Of course, we’re missing a trick if we think Christmas is only about spending money. "Memories are not about which label we buy, they are made by spending time together with family and friends. Once you’ve started to prepare, you can get that perspective instead of the usual last minute panic that can result in credit and the worry that follows." The CAP centre is run by St John’s Church, Hensingham, in partnership with five other churches. It opened four years ago and since then it has helped more than 100 people with 15 so far becoming debt free. All clients are visited in their home by members of the CAP centre who explain the service face-to-face and collect their paperwork. Specialist teams at CAP head office negotiate with creditors and create a budget enabling each person to go debt free. Mr Berkeley said: “If you are struggling to pay the bills, and you’re being chased for money you don’t have, please let us help you. One phone call could be the difference between a merry Christmas or a miserable one". CAP’s services are available to everyone regardless of age, gender, faith or background. BUY A SANTA CAM

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