Christmas tree farmer gets early start on giving season

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Black Road Christmas Tree Farms owner Robert Criswell is growing an estimated 50,000 trees for the winter season, but right now he has autumn produce on his mind. On his three farms in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Criswell has an abundance of pear, apple, lemon and persimmon trees, not to mention a bountiful garden. The orchard and garden produce much more food than Criswell can consume, so for the last month or so he’s been bringing buckets of produce to town to share with LGS Recreation’s 55 Plus Program members. Resident Carol Milligan was at the rec center Monday when Criswell dropped off three buckets of just-picked apples, pears and squash. “I’m having so much fun,” Milligan said. “I love fresh produce, so I fill my little bag and I don’t have to pay.” Some of Criswell’s produce is blemished, and he warns you might even find a worm when you bite into an apple or pear because “this is natural fruit, flaws and all.”It’s also pesticide-free.

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