FESTIVE SARNIEIt’s only October and Boots is already selling CHRISTMAS sandwiches

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The festive red boxes, covered in snowflakes have already been spotted on shelves WE may have only just waved goodbye to summer but apparently we should already be thinking about our Christmas lunches. Boots is getting in the festive spirit super early by putting its range of Christmas sandwiches back on the shelves almost THREE MONTHS before Christmas Day The pharmacy and beauty retailer announced that their Christmas feast inspired sandwiches are already being sold in their stores, despite it only being October. The range features some seriously Christmassy fillings, such as Turkey, Bacon, Stuffing & Cranberry, Parsnip Fritter & Butternut Squash and a sausage and bacon number called Pigs Under Blankets. But if you're thinking about your waistlines, then you may want to steer clear. The triple sandwich featuring flavours Turkey & Stuffing, Ham Hock & Plum Chutney, Cheddar & Red Onion Chutney contains a whopping 520 calories. For those lunchtime munchers who are keen to watch their weight, there are low calorie options in the Shapers range. The Turkey, Stuffing & Redcurrant Shaper's sandwich has 328 calories and the less Christmassy Salmon, Prawn & Soft Cheese sandwich is only 286 calories. The red boxes with a snowflake design have already been spotted on shelves but not everyone is happy that they're here already. The retailer announced that it was bringing back the range so early on in the year on Twitter, where fans are struggling to hide their shock. But there were others who just couldn't contain their excitement and were pleased to see the sandwich range back despite the time of year. On their own, the sandwiches cost between £2.50 and £2.75 but they are also included in their Meal Deal. You can buy any main, snack and drink for £3.39, or £3.89 if you're buying yours in London. Boots have also started selling a handcrafted Chocolate Log for those with a sweet tooth. The Christmassy treat contains 228 calories and costs £1.20 when you buy it outside of the meal deal. For those lunchers who think it's too early for turkey and cranberry sauce, Morrisons has revamped its lunchtime meal deal. They've up their game in the meal deal wars after adding new foods and snacks to its discount offer. Its premium The Best range is now also included in the deal, as well as food from around the world being added to the menu.

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