Oxford Street Christmas lights go up 84 days before Christmas

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Londoners divided over whether lights are 'romantic', or if it means they should 'prepare for hell' It’s early October and in London the countdown to Christmas is apparently underway as the festive lights have already been strung up over Oxford Street. The enormous baubles that adorn Europe’s busiest shopping street were seen being set up on October 2, a full 84 days before The Big Day itself, prompting mild incredulity among Londoners. The installation of the lights comes well ahead of other significant annual celebrations, including Halloween, Diwali, St Andrew’s Day, Bonfire Night, and the Winter Solstice. The timing of the set-up means on Oxford Street at least, visitors can revel in the Christmas spirit for over a quarter of the year, every year. This is evidently brilliant news for Christmas enthusiasts and for those who just love the beginning of October. “This is not a drill, it’s October 2nd and they have started putting up the Oxford Street Christmas lights. My absolute fave time of year!” said @emzb_ on Twitter. “The Christmas lights are up on Oxford Street and I just squealed on my own in delight,” added Rachel McVay. But the appearance of the lights made some people question many things. “Christmas lights already?” asked Justin Cash on Twitter. “Really Oxford Street?” he added. “The Christmas lights are already up at oxford street?” queried @xylosoph The arrival of the lights and what some seem to believe is an implied indifference to Halloween irked other Twitter users. “Umm...not yet past Halloween but ok then?!” said Kazrem. “Did they have any Halloween lights?” Simon Hulme wanted to know. In response to the news of the lights’ recent materialisation, Twitter user Philbert Hammond wrote: “WHAT! No, no, that's mental!” Meanwhile other people believe the arrival of the lights holds an evil portent. “CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS ARE UP ON OXFORD STREET. PREPARE FOR HELL,” instructed Twitter user Josh Ghoul. But others praised the change of atmosphere on Oxford Street. “Christmas lights are the only thing that make me love walking in Oxford Street, wrote Antonio Cimmino, “So please people stop complaining and be romantic sometimes.” But are Christmas preparations really getting earlier each year? A Google search reveals the lights went up at around the same time last year, prompting articles similar to this one to be published at around the same time. This year, children’s charity the NSPCC has partnered with Oxford Street for the second year running for the 58th annual Oxford Street Christmas Lights Switch On. Last year, “Rewind” pop star Craig David switched on the lights. There is no word who will have the honour this year, but it is known how many lights they will be responsible for illuminating.The setup will use 750,000 LED bulbs which use 75% less energy than conventional bulbs, the organisers said.

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