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Thanks for coming to check out our demo! we hope you enjoy...And Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone at Santa CCTV. Remember our Service is 50% OFF on orders placed before 1st November 2017. Buy now and upload your photos nearer to Christmas! Have you ever wondered what Santa's been doing whilst in your home? Well, now there's a system, a magic system that will show you exactly what he's been up to. Your kids will be in amazement Christmas Morning when you login to our online system and see what Santa's been doing in your house. Its Very simple.... We require 5 photos of your home. You can do this using a phone or a digital camera. We recommend a photo of outside, a photo of the lounge, kitchen and stairs/Hallway, but it's totally upto you which parts you use. Please do not submit bedroom photos or any photos with people or pets. Once we've received your photos (you can buy now and upload nearer the time, upload instructions come in your confirmation email) our technical wizards, using the magic of green screen digital technology and a little Christmas magic turn your home photos into authentic LIVE CCTV video footage with Santa super imposed into them. Santa will literally appear to be walking around your house! On Christmas morning login to our secure system (you will receive login details when you upload your photos) and view your footage! We are now taking orders for Christmas 2017. We offer a Green Screen technology 2 minute home Santa Surveillance video for just £4.99 (50% discount on orders placed before 1st November, normal price £9.99) Buy now and upload your images nearer the time. Bring a little extra Magic to Christmas 2017!

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