Selfridges unveils Christmas window displays

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Selfridges has unveiled its Christmas window displays in the hope of getting shoppers into the festive spirit more than two months before the big day. The Oxford Street windows show a range of scenes including a London market complete with 5,000 hand-painted Brussels sprouts, commuters on bikes adorned with Christmas wreaths and a giant inflatable red robin. The biggest triple-sided window at the corner of Oxford Street has 10 Pearly Kings and Queens-inspired Father Christmases adorned with almost 150,000 pearly buttons. Almost 5,000 metres of red velvet cover the floors and walls of the windows as part of the "With Love From" display. Selfridges claims the pre-Halloween launch is a first for any department store worldwide but it comes almost three months after it opened its Christmas store, described by shoppers at the time as "crazy" and "ridiculous". A team of more than 200 people have been working on the displays for more than a year, with more than 250 working on them continuously for 24 hours a day over the last eight days in a rotation of shifts. Hannah Emslie, head of creative presentation at Selfridges, said: "We love to pull out all our creative stops and come up with Christmas displays, from our windows to our in-store decorations, which not only capture the spirit of Christmas but also the spirit of Selfridges with its bias to surprise and its unique sense of fun. "This year our 'With Love From' theme is also celebrating the spirit of London, Birmingham and Manchester where Selfridges has its stores."

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