FESTIVE FUN B&M is selling £3.99 elf table leg covers for Christmas… and that’s just the start

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The shop is one of many which is going all out on novelty items this year, with chair covers, cutlery decorations, magically growing elf statues and festive soap dispensers all on offer WHETHER you've already started your shopping or will be leaving it until the last minute, there's no doubt that Christmas is on the way. Shops are already filling up with decorations and gift sets, but few have items which are quite as unusual as the bits in B&M.Hot on the heels of Matalan's Santa and elf novelty toilet seat covers, B&M brings something else you never knew you needed - Christmas table leg decorations. The four-sets of festive fun cost £3.99, with the elf one featuring a stripey sock which is stretched up table legs and ends with a green curly-toed boot. There is also a Father Christmas version for traditionalists, with matching chair covers for £2.99. They're a whole new take on the ones usually seen at weddings. Not convinced? Probably best to steer clear of the elf cutlery holders too then.B&M is far from the only shop to get in on the Christmas action this early. As well as its toilet seat covers, Matalan has a Santa soap dispenser who anyone worried washing their hands needs a festive overhaul. Homesense has a pair of elves which GROW for sale, and before long you won't be able to move for Elf on a Shelf boxes. More into Christmas jumpers? One company has come up with a bizarre 'twosie' version you can wear with your best friend.It's pretty early to start decorating your house though, but one thing you can safely stock up on is advent calendars. 2017 looks to be the year beauty version really take off, with almost all the big brands launching them already. Price seems to be no object here either, with people queuing round the block to get their hands on Liberty's £175 version this week.

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