ON YOUR BIKE Pauline Quirke struggles to stay on her bike as she films Birds Of A Feather Christmas special

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The actress almost toppled off the bicycle as she filmed scenes in Hertfordshire for the new series The actress, who plays Sharon Theodopolopodous, was seen shooting a funny scene for the hit show's Christmas special.She was spotted balancing on a bicycle in Hertfordshire, before nearly toppling off. Pauline took it all in good humour, and could be seen laughing off camera. Dressed in a pink jacket and big woolly hat, the actress looked every inch her funny Birds of a Feather character, Sharon. The show follows the lives of Sharon and her sister Tracey Stubbs, played by Linda Ronbson, and their outrageous neighbour Dorien Green, played by Lesley Joseph.The ladies have been busy filming their festive edition of the show, before a new series in the New Year. Earlier in the year Linda revealed that her and Pauline were nearly NOT re-cast for the initial reboot in 2014. Speaking on Loose Women she said: "It's funny because when Birds of a Feather came back, we'd been off tele for 15 years and we did a stage tour of it. "The producers actually got in touch with Lesley Joseph and said they were going to recast Sharon and Tracey because we're too old to play the part now."When her fellow panellists reacted with shock at what she was saying, she added: "They were going to make it without Sharon and Tracey because they wanted younger actresses in. "Then they also went to us and said they were going to get a new Dorien in, I mean they were playing games with us all."Thankfully the three actresses are all close in real life, so soon worked out what was going on. She added: "I mean obviously we're all friends and we all speak to each other and said there's no way we're doing this without the three of us and getting our original writers back. "But I mean what a liberty! Because we're getting too old for the part." Thankfully it all worked out very well in the end, as Birds of a Feather returned for a 10th series in January 2014 before an 11th season was filmed later in the year. Series 12 then followed in 2016, and the cast filmed a Christmas Special in Malta, as well as picking up a TV Choice Award in September last year.

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