Disney’s Hollywood Studios Already Preparing For The Christmas Holidays

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It’s not quite yet Halloween, but Walt Disney World is already jumping into Christmas mode with decoration and preparing for the upcoming holidays. Disney’s Hollywood Studios has a lot of great new happenings this year with Sunset Seasons Greetings, and it means doing a lot more work to get ready. Decorations are already going up and prep work is being done, so, here are all the pictures showing just what DHS is going to present starting next month. In September, the Disney Parks Blog revealed that the new Sunset Seasons Greetings would kick off the holiday season on Nov. 9, 2017, and run through Dec. 31, 2017. Guests will be able to see brand new decorations, exciting projections, and Disney characters come to life for the holidays. While it may still be October, there are a lot of things that Hollywood Studios needs to do in order to get ready for Sunset Seasons Greetings. That means doing some early prep work before Halloween is over and the holiday season gets into full swing. As guests walk through the park, they can already spot a few subtle decorations and some rather obvious changes as well. Sunset Blvd has some more of the obvious changes, but there are some in different locations.The huge Christmas stars are already up on the light poles and trees all down Sunset Blvd. Guests can also see a brand new projection screen set up in the Sunset Ranch Market area which will be one of the billboards which “begin to move into motion and tell a tale.” Down at the end of the street, the Hollywood Tower Hotel (The Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror) will have projections on it to transform it for the holidays and bring to life “the characters’ stories.” The projection booths and lights are already in place as well.Disney’s Hollywood Studios is known for having a giant Christmas Tree outside of the front of the park each year, and that may change in 2017. While the tree out front could return, there is going to be another one inside the park and placed in the middle of Echo Lake. A couple of weeks ago, Echo Lake was totally drained and it remains in that same state as work crews prepare for the Christmas holidays. It’s a rather interesting and disturbing look for guests currently in the park, but it’s all for a good reason.The island in the center is going to be where the huge Christmas Tree sits for the next two months, and it is expected up within the next week. There has been no official word on when the tree will be put up or lit for the first time, but everything is set to begin on Nov. 9. That is also the same night that the nightly Jingle Bell, Jingle Bam will begin. Walt Disney World will have a lot of great experiences for guests during the Christmas and holiday season, but Disney’s Hollywood Studios may be one of the most exciting in 2017. It’s going to be so much fun to see what Sunset Seasons Greetings brings to everyone up and down Sunset Blvd and all around the park. Everything begins in less than two weeks, but these pics show that the preparation has already begun. [Featured Image by Danny Cox]

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