These are the seized and lost goods that Devon and Cornwall Police force is flogging on eBay - just in time for a Christmas bargain

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There's something for everyone with everything from cameras to mountain bikes It could be your chance to pick up an unusual Christmas bargain on eBay this November as Cornwall’s police force flogs some of the goods it has seized and confiscated as well as unclaimed lost property. Currently Devon and Cornwall Police is selling a total of 14 items on the international auction website – with everything from cameras to push bikes. The items include court confiscated property which has been snatched away from convicted criminals under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (POCA). The act is used to take away property that has been purchased using ill-gotten gains, stopping them from benefitting from money made through crime. The police hope that by selling the goods they can make cash, benefitting from the criminal assets to reinvest in local policing.On the site, the police also sell seized property – something that they have taken away from a person and cannot return. As well as confiscated and seized goods, the forces eBay site is also used to sell lost property that has never been claimed.Once an item of lost property is handed in to the police, officers will try their hardest to reunite the items with their owners for a period of 28 days – but after the time is up, if it hasn’t be claimed, it’s put up for auction. Here we take a look at some of the items that are up for grabs – and there’s something for just about everyone this Christmas!

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