The dos and don'ts of the office Christmas party

by Super User
How many of these crimes have you committed? The Christmas party season is almost upon us and no party is as dreaded as the Christmas office party. Never mind the personal embarrassment, you could be putting your career on the line if you show yourself up after one too many sherrys. Maybe you've already made it onto Santa's 'good list' this year, even so, there's plenty to ruin your reputation. Here is Santa CCTV'S guide to office party dos and don'ts 1. Don't get drunk Don’t drink too much. Even if you were perfectly well-behaved you’ll still wake up with the crushing fear and convince yourself you probably committed a sackable offence. All of the following no-nos can also be prevented by sticking to this cardinal rule. 2. Don’t sit next to your boss at the dinner table if you can help it Once the drink flows it’s all too easy to decide it’s a good time to bring up that long overdue pay rise - don't. 3. Don't snog your colleagues (especially not your boss) under the mistletoe This is one of the biggest office Christmas party faux pas. You might have your eye on Dave from IT and get the impression he feels the same way, but testing out this theory in front of gobsmacked colleagues is a one way street to untold embarrassment. Incidents like this are NEVER forgotten and you will dread going back to work after the holidays. 4. Don't decide it's the time to right some wrongs Now is NOT the time you tell people exactly what you think of them in an alcohol-fueled rant, as much as you want to have a go at Roz for leaving you off the tea round. Do strike a pact with a work friend to give each other the nudge if you overstep the mark - it’s hard to judge the mood through a warm white wine induced haze.5. Do dress appropriately Office attire can feel starchy and restrictive, but now is not the time to prove you have a personality by rummaging through the dressing up box. Also bare in mind that office dress codes still remain. As much as you want to get out the Wonderbra and deep cleavage top to impress Dave from IT - don't. However, if it is a dress down affair, do wear as garish a Christmas jumper as you can find. 6. Don't be stingy at the secret Santa - we all know it's you We all know that the tat we are given goes straight to landfill, but regardless you will be judged. Gifts can be quite a blunt way to tell someone what you think of them, so mind your manners. Top tips include: not giving someone something from the back of the cupboard, or a passive aggressive deodorant set to that co-worker who smells a bit.7. Do eat everything that's free You work hard all year and so deserve a treat from the bossman. Have everything going, even if the spread consists of stale cheesy Wotsits - you earned it baby. But do leave enough for anyone running late and do make sure you eat all your dinner to line your stomach - see rule 1. 7. Do set yourself a curfew Make sure you leave at some point, that way you’ll avoid any potential drink-induced drama. The best way to do this is by booking a cab in advance to take you home. You don't want to be found by the cleaner asleep under your desk clutching a bottle of wine... 8. Lastly, don't call in 'sick' the next day Don't call in sick the next day if it is self-induced. Even if you are too tired or hungover to function, get a taxi. The party hard may also consider preparing an overnight bag and sleeping in the office loos.

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