Parents are now paying up to 20 TIMES more for Christmas best-selling kids toys than they used to

by Super User
Hi-tech childrens toys, gadgets, and dolls have seen the average price of Christmas best-sellers on the high street rocketing to £82.99! It is enough to haunt any parent at christmas – the cheap toys of Christmas past compared with today’s. In 1970s'1980's kids were excited to unwrap a £1 Rubik’s Cube – £4.77 in today’s money.But now hi-tech play- things have sent the ­average price of the ­season’s best-sellers soaring to £81.89. Even with inflation, Mums and Dads pay up to 20 TIMES more for gifts. The first high-tech toy was 1991’s Game Boy at £69.99 – equal to £146.28p today – and the rest is history. Discount site MyVoucherCodes got the prices from the Toy Retailers’ Association. MyVoucherCodes site boss Chris Reilly said: “Toys today do cost more. "Families should search for deals.”

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