THE ROAD TO CHRISTMAS When is the Hamleys Christmas Toy Parade 2017, where is it and what should you expect?

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With Christmas coming you can enjoy the festivities by going to the Hamleys Toy Parade THE COUNTDOWN to Christmas is in full swing – and this weekend you can enjoy the festivities by going to the Hamleys Toy Parade. What better way to discover the magic of Christmas than to celebrate with one of the finest toy shops in the world. Here's all you need to know...When is the Hamleys event? The parade is scheduled for Sunday November 19. It is expected to start at 10.30 in the morning - so get there bright an early to secure your place at the front of the crowds. It is expected to last for around six hours, giving guests plenty of time to spot all of the fun characters. Last year there was a main stage finale at 4.30pm although the exact timings for this year are yet to be confirmed.Where will the parade begin? The event is being held near the Hamleys store in London, Regent Street. Last year it took at a 1.5 mile route allowing plenty of time for the kid's favourite stars to prance and perform. Usually visitors arriving early will be able to spot the parade setting off from the entrance to Air Street before it makes its way up Regent Street. It will normally ends its tour when it arrives at Great Marlborough Street. Which characters will be in the parade? Dozens of different children’s favourites can be seen on the big day. Last year Barbie, Sonic and Fireman Sam were among the popular toys that made an appearance. There’s no doubt that kids will be looking forward to seeing some of their favourite TV characters during the event, including Bob the Builder, Igglepiggle and Upsy Daisy and Peppa Pig.What else to look out for As well as the big parade, last year a number of different activity sessions were running throughout the day. Sky Movies provided a cinema bus, where visitors could watch some festive films during the event. More family fun was available on the My Little Pony Bus, in the Power Rangers Power, Nerf Vault or in the CBeebies Village.

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