Santa Shock! Sports direct till staff tell Child Santa is dead and knows where his bones are burried, ruining christmas

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Customer Lucy Blake said her youngster was left devastated after a visit to Sports Direct Basingstoke branch at the weekend A FURIOUS mum has told how a miserable Sports Direct staffer '"stole" her eight-year-old son's Christmas by telling him Santa was "dead and buried". Lucy Blake revealed her little boy was left devastated after a shopping visit to the sporting giant's Basingstoke branch at the weekend.The mum claims she is now worried her son will spread the story to his friends at school, even though she has reassured him the man was just being "silly." She has now called on the high street giant to train its staff members properly to stop a repeat of her shocking visit. This morning Sports Direct told Santa CCTV: "We have apologised for this incident, which was unacceptable, and a member of staff has been dismissed with immediate affect. "We will be arranging for Santa to pay a visit to the Blake family, to prove that he is alive and well and living in lapland ." Lucy a mum-of three posted on the Sports Direct Facebook page after claiming her son was left googling "is Santa dead". She wrote in the post: "I’m genuinely sad to write this. I wish on this busy shopping weekend my only gripe would be a badly packed shopping bag or a incorrectly sized item on the wrong hanger, but no... today a Sports Direct staff member almost stole Christmas. "My eight-year-old son was in your Basingstoke store and was told that Father Christmas is dead by one of your members of staff serving him and his dad. "My husband was horrified and quickly said 'no he’s not you’ve got that wrong', your member of staff continued to say 'yes he is, don’t you know your history?' "Again my husband tried to brush him off before the cashier then went on to say more of the same rubbish, but this time adding where Father Christmas’s bones were buried. You couldn’t make it up. "My son is really upset by this thought and the first thing he did was tell me and his brothers, who are five and seven, what had been told to him.""I have already caught him googling 'is Santa dead' my heart skipped a beat at the thought of what he was about to come across googling things like that," she wrote. "You see, Sports Direct, childhood is very precious and the magic of Christmas no matter what your beliefs are, are exactly that... magic, but magic appears in a puff of smoke and disappears just as quickly. "Ultimately Christmas is a time for goodwill so on that note we wish your worker a very merry Christmas and hope that Santa doesn’t forget him Christmas Day."

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