Keeping Up With The Kardashians: Kim confused by 'weird' Santa as Jonathan Cheban fools her during holiday show

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Kim Kardashian was left surprised by a weird Santa during Sunday's Christmas-themed TV episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The 37-year-old reality star had 'stolen' her momager Kris Jenner's usual Santa impersonator, so her mother in retaliation dressed Jonathan Cheban in a fat suit for the role of Santa. 'I'll show you Kim, you won't even recognize Santa,' laughed Kris, 62, during the episode tiled A Very Kardashian Holiday. Santa arrived during a family gathering ringing his bell enthusiastically. 'OK, Santa is looking at me weird. I don't know what's going on, Santa is a freak!' fretted Kim. 'I cannot believe that Kim does not know this is Jonathan, this is her best friend of how many years? Even the Jersey ''ho ho ho'',' balked Khloé as Kim collapsed in giggles. The festive show opened with Kim, who was irritated that last year Kourtney had 'copied' her ideas for Christmas lights. So she decided to 'design and patent' her latest idea to avoid counterfeiting from her family. 'I will come for them if they even dare try to copy anything that I'm doing this holiday season,' hissed Kim. 'What is Christmas all about? It's about sharing,' said Kourtney with a smirk.Kardashian Christmas traditions involve decorating enormous gingerbread houses and arguing while shopping for glitzy decorations. Kourtney was miffed because Kris was buying too much for Kylie. 'Why do you lick Kylie's a**? Is it because she makes you a lot of money?' she asked wryly.'You two need to go to therapy together,' advised Kim. Kris decided she was going to 'mess' with Kim by outdoing all her plans, including installing an ice rink at her mansion. 'She is taking this way too seriously,' she chuckled.Grandma MJ was there for the celebrations. Kim hated the food during the family dinner. 'I love all the canned stuff, but the rest of it makes me so nauseous,' she sniffed.Kylie made Kris cry by thanking her for 'always making the holidays so special' and declaring that her mom was her 'favorite person on the planet'. 'I used to pray that one of you would have a baby and now it's like a faucet that we turned on that won't turn off,' Kris sobbed in happiness. Kendall rocked up late, missing the emotional speech.'Having a big family for the holidays is like the best thing ever,' said the supermodel. Kris enlisted pro figure skater Nancy Kerrigan to make some moves on her ice rink. 'How can Kim be mad now?' she asked.'I lied about getting the ice skating rink,' admitted Kim, who just wanted her mother to 'get cool stuff' for them. 'My mom always wins when it comes to parties,' she said sweetly.According to Kourtney the guest list needed some serious culling. 'We are being savages, cutting people off left and right,' she laughed. Kris and Jonathan wore disguises to avoid getting mobbed by fans while Christmas shopping.They pretended to be a married couple from Texas, while wearing bedazzled denim and fighting with Silly String. Khloé then decided to have a 'bake off' competion with her mother, who 'makes everything out of a box'. And she means everything. 'I'm going to crush her,' laughed the 33-year-old.Despite help from a celebrity cook, called Chef K, they both struggled during the prep. The Self-delcared 'Food God' Jon was one of the judges of the competition. Kourtney wasn't a fan of Khloé's frlan.'I feel like this crust isn't making me super horny,' she sighed. Kris' famous 'lemon cake from the box' went down well. 'It's fresh eggs and fresh oil,' protested Kris.During the next round Kris placed cash bribes on the judges' plates. 'The second two things sucked,' said Jonathan. Khloé won. 'I knew I was going to win, I'm like the new Betty Crocker,' she said proudly. As a consolation prize to Kris they requested her 'nostalgic' lemon cake on Christmas Eve. 'I get up at four in the morning and I start baking while it's still dark outside,' cooed Kris. Adding in: 'Tradition is really important to me at Christmas'. On a more serious note Kim volunteered at a telethon to raise money for the disaster relief in Puerto Rico. 'The holidays is always a time to give back,' she said. They also donated food to a food bank for the homeless as Kim and Kourtney brought their children along for the experience. 'Giving is so rewarding,' said Kourtney. KUWTK continues next week on the E! network.

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