THERE HE GLOWS Cheeky Christmas lights display looks like a giant penis

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Somerset residents get an eyeful at Christmas lights display with phallic luminous helter-skelter ride THOSE flocking to a small town's Christmas lights switch-on were dazzled by an unexpected spectacle this year. As the bright lights flicked on, residents in Keynsham, Somerset found their eyes drawn away from the magnificent display - and on to a vast, luminous beacon in pride of place before the town hall and library.The town’s helter skelter fairground ride loomed large before them – resembling a giant, glowing penis. The humour was not lost on the town’s residents, who were willing to embrace this cheeky addition to the Christmas celebrations. Local Louise Harris told Somerset Live: "The moment I saw the Christmas lights I felt as though Keynsham had done a great job on erecting this year's lights. "An interesting choice in decoration that leaves little to the imagination,” she commented, adding: “Something to really get you into the Christmas spirit."

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