The clever Christmas dinner in a box for £12 being sold by Co-op

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Did we mention that it cooks in less than an hour? The Christmas period can be a very busy time and, once those relatives start arriving and the presents are being unwrapped, it can get more hectic than ever. So, for those of you who don't fancy slaving away over a hot stove, there's an alternative option for Christmas dinner this year which has been dreamt up by the Co-op. It is, quite simply, Christmas dinner in a box - for £12. And the really good news is that it will be ready in under an hour. According to the Mirror Online, the Co-op's new Turkey and Trimmings box provides a gourmet festive dinner for two people, with a British turkey breast joint wrapped in smoked streaky bacon, pigs in blankets, stuffing balls, gravy and a cranberry compote. The only thing missing is the vegetables, which you will need to buy separately. On the big day itself, you can shove it all straight in the oven on its metal trays - and get it out again in just 50 minutes. And, let's be honest, for some of us, that's normally how long it takes us to cut up all the veg and potatoes.The Co-op’s director of "delicious" food, Breige Donaghy, said: "One or two people households account for almost one in four of the Co-op's shoppers and research shows they want an easy and simple Christmas dinner."It means shoppers can spend more time together with loved ones instead of prepping for hours in the kitchen and it avoids waste and excess cost."We love the idea of the Christmas 'good turn'."A neighbour or family member buying an elderly couple, or someone they know, a box to enjoy, when perhaps they can't get to the shops for the ingredients, or don't have the time/energy to cook everything."Unfortunately, it's not set to hit Co-op stores until December 19 - and it won't be available online - so, if you want one, here's hoping your local stores have stocked up.

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