Can you see a Robin Among the Christmas Trees

by Super User
Can YOU spot the robin among the Christmas trees? This Christmas brainteaser takes most people over three minutes to solveā€¦ so how quickly can you find the red-breasted Robin? Christmas is approaching fast , with many people putting up their Christmas trees and decorations this weekend. A new festive brainteaser has been shared online, challenging people to spot the robin hidden amid the rows of Christmas trees. The colourful puzzle by Bloom & Wild, which features an array of fun characters, has left many scratching their heads.

According to the creators, it takes people an average of two and half minutes to find the red-breasted bird. If you look closely, a small robin can been tucked right next to a Christmas tree to the right of the illustration.

Its position next to a red bauble creates a camouflage effect, making it more difficult to spot. Seven unicorns are hidden in each scene, which includes a film premiere and a whale watching trip. While some of the unicorns can clearly be seen in the lively scenes, others are much harder to spot - with just part of the creature's head peeking through. The colourful scenes were created by UK-based illustrators Paul Moran, Simon Ecob and Wan.

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