ON THE NAUGHTY LIST Father Christmas forced to flee after gang of 15 youths pelted him with stones in Essex

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The gang members were described by the unlucky Father Christmas as 'feral kids who deserve to be on Santa’s naughty list' COPS are probing an ambush on Santa after a gang of children pelted him with rocks. The gang of up to 15 boys hurled stones at Father Christmas during a town centre Christmas parade.

At least one struck the festive character on the shoulder forcing him to flee with a five-year-old girl riding in his sleigh pulled by a car. Police were called to the scene in Canvey Island, Essex, on Saturday afternoon after reports the boys aged between 12 and 16 had attacked the Santa. Colin Letchford, 70, who was playing Father Christmas in the annual charity lantern parade, branded the kids as "feral". He fumed: "Some people in the crowd thought it was a joke to start off with. But it certainly wasn’t a joke.

My instinct was to get away because I had a young girl sitting next to me. "I felt one of the stones strike me but luckily I was wearing about five layers of clothes because it was so cold so there was no major damage. "If it had hit me on the head this could have been a lot more serious. "These are feral kids who deserve to be on Santa’s naughty list, at the very least."

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