This is when Santa will be down your street in East Surrey before Christmas

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Lions clubs, rotary clubs and round tables are touring towns with Father Christmas to raise money for charities Listen out for the sleigh bells – Santa Claus is coming to your town or village in the lead up to Christmas and he might even be in the street you live in or one round the corner. Santa routes organised by lions clubs, rotary clubs and round tables across Surrey get underway this week.

Santa will be aboard his sleigh - or even a caravan in some cases - and will travel through neighbourhood streets in the evenings collecting money for charities supported by the organisations. You won’t be able to miss him – he will be brightly lit and there will be plenty of festive music.

As he passes by you’ll want to step out your front door and wave – and don’t forget to make a donation. These are the streets Santa will be coming to in East Surrey this year and when you can see him.

Reigate and Redhill Round Table

Reigate, Redhill and Salford's

Father Christmas will be travelling around the streets of both towns in his brightly lit red caravan every day except Sundays from Saturday, December 9 until Christmas Eve. This year there is also a new route added to cover the Salford School area on Friday, December 22. You can also donate using the new text-to-donate number - text TABL32 followed by the amount you wish to donate to 70070. Start times vary each day. You can find out more at

Saturday, December 9

North Merstham:

Start 4.45pm in Brook Road: Malmstone Avenue, Radstock Way, Bolsover Grove, Chilmark Gardens, Dundrey Crescent, Chesterton Drive, Delabole Road, Mansfield Drive, Huddlestone Crescent, Hildenley Close, Bletchingley Road, Sunstone Grove, Taynton Drive into Weldon Way, Worsted Green

Monday, December 11 Earlswood: Starts 6.30pm in Woodlands Road, near the junction with Brighton Rd (Hooley Lane end): Earlswood Road, St Johns Terrace Road, St Johns Road, Earlsbrook Road, Brambletye Park Road, (collect from Trentham Road), Knighton Road, Emlyn Road, Althorne Road, Ifold Road, Shire Place, Hooley Lane, Victoria Road, Redstone Road, Tylehurst Drive, Kingsfield Way, finish at The Marquis of Granby. Tuesday, December 12 Donyngs: Starts 6.30pm at Raffles Bridge car park: Linkfield Street, Charman Road, Fengates Road, Grovehill Road, Upper Bridge Road, Elm Road, Ranelagh Road, Hatchlands Road, Shrewsbury Road, Whitepost Hill, Blackstone Hill, Blackstone Close, The Chase, Ringley Park Avenue, Blackborough Road, Brownlow Road, Caberfeigh Close, Linkfield Gardens

Wednesday, December 13

Doods Road, Reigate: New start point this year at 6.30pm at the corner of Wray Park Road and Kilmarnock Place, Then west along Alma Road to: Holmesdale Road, Doods Road, Wilmots Close, Wrayfield Ave, Wray Common Road, Doods Way, The Way, Doods Park Road, Durfold Drive, Croydon Road, Deerings Road, A25 Reigate Road, Eversfield Road, Rushworth Road, Orchard Road, Chart Way, Rushworth Road, Douglas Road

Thursday, December 14

Rushetts Farm, Woodhatch: Starts 6.30pm in Vevers Road near Woodhatch Road: Vevers Road, New Causeway, Tiler's Way, Coneyberry, Felland Way, Staplehurst Road, Rushetts Road, Nuthatch Gardens, Weald Way, Lonesome Lane, Ashdown Road, Arden Close, Sherwood Crescent , Delamere Road, Brandsland, Woodhatch Roa, Hornbeam Road, Whitebeam Drive, Holly Road, Blackthorn Road, Hazel Close, Juniper Road, Hazel Road (collect from Sycamore Walk), finish in Vevers Road.

Friday, December 15

Nutley Lane, Reigate: Starts 6.30pm in Hardwicke Road at the junction with London Road: Yorke Road, Burnham Drive, Reigate Hill, Somers Road, St Albans Road, Brokes Road, Pilgrims Place, Pilgrims Way, Albert Road North, Church Road, Albert Road North, East Road, South Albert Road, Evesham Road North, Evesham Close, Evesham Road, Beaufort Close, Beaufort Road, Saxon Way, Nutley Lane.

Saturday, December 16

Frenches Road, Redhill: Starts 4.45pm in Ringwood Avenue at the junction with London Road: Monson Road (collect on Lyndale Road), London Road, Colesmead Road, South Mead, North Mead, Gatton Park Road, Fairhaven Road, Frenches Road, Elmwood Road, Westway Gardens, Osborne Road, Alpine Road, College Crescent, Kingfisher Drive, Budgen Drive (collect from The Frenches), London Road, if time allows Claremont Road, Holcon Court, finish at Ringwood Avenue.

Monday, December 18

Gatton, Redhill: Starts 6.30pm in Regent Crescent: Linkfield Lane, Daneshill, Woodfield Way, Brooklands Way, Batts Hill, Coniston Way, Windermere Way, Cartmel Close, Green Lane, Colebrook Road, Green Way, Green Lane, Woodcrest Walk, Windmill Drive, Windmill Way, Carlton Road, Hitherwood Close, Timperley Gardens, Colman Way, Park Road, Hustleigh Drive, finish at Regent Crescent.

Tuesday, December 19

South Merstham: Starts 6.30pm at The Feathers Pub: High Street, School Hill, Bletchingley Road, Albury Road, Manor Road, Nutfield Road (collect from Albert Road), Endsleigh Road, Southcote Road, Deans Road, Chilburton Drive (collect from Wyecliffe Gardens and Ash Close), Orpin Road, Devon Road, Battlebridge Lane, Subrosa Drive, New Battlebridge Lane, London Road South, South Close Green and Bramblewood, Bushetts Grove, Grange Close, back onto main road and head north back to The Feathers Pub.

Wednesday, December 20

South Park: Starts 6.30pm at The Beehive Pub.Dovers Green Road, Collect on Dovers Way, Castle Drive, Hitchings Way, Matthews Street, Hartswood Avenue, Hitchings Way, Sandcross Lane, Meadow Way, Orchard Way, Kingsley Grove, Allingham Road, Eastnor Road, Smith Road, North Road, Park Lane East, Priory Road, Stockton Road, Lyndhurst Road, over to Church Road, Crescent Road, Knightwood Close, Alexander Road, Prices Lane, finish at The Beehive Pub.

Thursday, December 21

Meadvale: Starts 6.30pm in Abinger Drive: Pendleton Road, Cotland Acres, Somerset Road,The Fairways, Cronks Hill Road, Cronks Hill Close, Warenne Hights, Dunnotar Close, houses on the right of Cronks Hill Road, Clarence Walk, Hardwick Road, Arbutus Road, Willow Road, Hornbeam Road, Juniper Road, (collect from Rowan Close and Cedar Close), Juniper Close, Blackthorn Road, (collect from Blackthorn Close), Arbutus Close, Copse Road, finish at The Old Oak Pub, Somerset Road.

Friday, December 22

Salfords School, Salfords – new route: Starts 6.30pm at Copsleigh Avenue: Woodside Way, West Avenue, Hillford Place, Brookfield Place, Copsleigh Close, Horley Road, Prince Albert Square, Wimbourne Avenue, Shirley Avenue, Tollgate Avenue to finish.

Sunday, December 24

Lesbourne Road, Reigate: Starts 4pm at The Venture Inn: Howard Road, Parkgate Road, Bell Street, St Mary's Road, St Andrews Close, Lymden Gardens, Harrison Close (collect from Talbot Close), Bell Street, Effingham Road, Chartfield Road, Chart Lane, Oakhill Road, Cockshot Road, Smoke Lane (collect from Orewell Gardens), Hilltop Road, Springcopse Road into Furzefield Crescent and Cornfield Road, Furzefield Road, Chart Lane, Belmont Road,, Cornfield Road, Waterlow Road, Ringley Park Avenue, Blanford Road , Crakell Road , Blackborough Road into West Road, finish at The Venture Inn.

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