Santa CCTV Cam Review: Where to buy the Cheapest Christmas turkey 2017 Tesco and Morrisons take the crown in our price comparison

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Santa CCTV Cam compare the cost of turkeys from the UK's supermarkets to find the best value for your Christmas Money money - and Tesco and Morrisons come out on top IT’S now December and with Christmas day just around the corner it’s time to start thinking about the turkey.

Santa CCTV Cam have taken a look at how much the birds cost at the UK’s leading supermarkets – and it turns out ones from Morrisons and Tesco won’t cost you an arm and (turkey) leg.

When it comes to buying the traditional festive feast centrepiece, different prices and sizes can be daunting but don’t worry because we’re here to help. We compared the prices of whole supermarket birds – frozen, standard fresh and premium fresh – that typically serve five to eight people to find you the best value for money. Of course, you many find cheaper turkeys from an independent or local butcher where they are more likely to be locally sourced and have lived with higher standards of animal welfare. You can check these prices on the directory

To find the cheapest, we did our best to compare birds like-for-like where possible and looked at the cost per kg to get the fairest results. So where can you buy the cheapest bird?

Normally, we’d expect budget supermarkets Aldi and Lidl to come out on top in these comparisons but neither was able to supply the prices of their turkeys, so we’ve included them where possible.

When it comes to frozen turkeys, a cheap and cheerful one from Tesco should do the trick – and it’s currently on offer at £8 down from £10.

At £2.50 per kg, the Tesco British Frozen Small Basted Whole Turkey Bird serves four to seven people and is 15p per kg cheaper than a similar bird from Aldi.

But it’s worth remembering that the small turkey from Aldi weighs a little more and caters for five to eight people.

At £8 a bird from Tesco, it’s almost three times cheaper than a posher one from Waitrose which costs £22 – or £4 per kg. If you want to bag the bird early, frozen turkeys are already available from most supermarkets, apart from the Co-op and Aldi when the birds will be available closer to the day.

In the standard fresh category, whole turkeys from Asda, Morrisons and Tesco come out on top when it comes to value for money. All four birds cost £4 per kg, although the bird from Tesco is the cheapest for the whole turkey at £10 compared to £12 from Asda and £12.80 from Morrisons.

Although they all serve slightly different numbers of people, the Tesco turkey will feed the most and is the heaviest making it the best value for money in our books. It might be too early to take home a fresh bird as it wouldn’t last until Christmas day, but you can pre-order yours from most supermarkets like M&S, Tesco and Waitrose. They’re likely to be popular so it’s best to order yours sooner rather than later to make sure you get one in time for the big day. Other supermarkets will stock the turkeys closer to the day like the Co-op, Sainsbury’s and Asda. Cheapest premium fresh turkey – Morrisons £6.75 per kg

People who are looking to splash out on a premium fresh turkey for the main course can get the cheapest fancier option from Morrisons. Premium birds are often more expensive but they’re more likely to be free-range so are better in terms of animal welfare. Free-range birds enjoy time outside and live in nicer conditions than those in battery farms – which tend to produce cheaper meat. Morrisons The Best British Free Range Whole Bronze Turkey Medium is the cheapest per kg – £6.75 – and just £23.29 for the whole bird. The next best value for money premium turkey is the Asda Extra Special British Free Range & Corn-Fed Bronze Medium Turkey, which costs £6.98 a kg – 23p more than Morrisons’ budget bird.

The whole bird costs £34.90 but weighs a whopping 4.75kg and serves up to ten people – ideal if you’re cooking for the extended family too. Bargain hunters may want to steer clear of Waitrose for their premium bird as a medium free range one will see customers forking out more than £50 for a bird that serves up to eight people.

What’s cheaper – whole bird, crown, joint or breast? A turkey crown is the whole bird that’s had the dark meat removed – so the legs and the wings – and you’re left with the white meat and no giblets. They’re typically a few pounds cheaper than a whole bird and are quicker to cook too.

Turkey breast doesn’t take long to cook either but you’ll get significantly less meat which is a sorry state of affairs when it comes to the Boxing day leftover sandwiches.

For instance, Tesco is selling Butter Basted Turkey Breast Joint that serves four for £5.25 but you won’t get any dark meat. Turkey joints are a cheaper alternative too and can come on the bone or rolled up. They usually don’t need much preparation either. Co-op has launched a frozen Christmas dinner for four with all the trimmings for just £10.

It says the festive feast will feed a family of four and the deal includes frozen turkey, potatoes, parsnips, sprouts, Yorkshire puddings and a dessert. The deal will be available in Co-op stores from December 13 until Christmas eve.

What turkey alternatives are there? It’s hard to believe but not everyone opts for a turkey on Christmas Day. Traditionally, the Noel feast was centred around a goose which you can also pick up from most supermarkets.

There’s been a rise in the three-bird roast over the years which typically see different poultry meat wrapped around each other – one of them is almost always turkey. But a three-bird roast will hit your pocket more with Tesco selling one that serves six for £30. On our hunt to find the cheapest birds we also discovered the turkey parcels which is made from stuffing wrapped in turkey meat, shaped like a parcel tied in string.

You can buy a budget stuffed turkey parcel which serves six to eight people from Aldi for £8.99 or a posher one from M&S for £25. Remember, the earlier you buy your turkey the sooner it will go off. Here’s how to check if your turkey is still fresh to eat.

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