Do you like your Christmas Food Deep Fried? You can now get a deep fried pince pie!

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Scottish chef and chip shop owner , Derek Hughes is also selling deep fried mince pies and Christmas pudding balls on the festive menu If you think you've tried every combination of Christmas food going. Think again. Derek Huges chippie which brought North Wales the deep fried battered Oreo has produced a new food sensation: the deep fried version.

The ultimate Santa Christmas burger puts together all the ingredients of a traditional festive Christmas dinner - including two home made turkey, beef and sage stuffing patties, smoked streaky bacon and red onion and cranberry relish piled together between two Yorkshire puddings.

To finish it off, thick turkey gravy is poured into the bottom Yorkshire pudding - priced £4. The mouth-watering creation has been created by Scottish superchef, Derek Hughes - a former head chef who now runs The Caia Fryer chip shop in Queensway, Wrexham.

Wrexham chippy's deep fried Mars Bars... and Creme Eggs And you will be able to find it on sale in the chippy from this weekend. His menu also features a Full Christmas dinner bread cone - made up of tiger bread bloomer filled with slices of turkey, pork stuffing balls, roast potatoes and topped with battered pigs in blankets and drizzled in gravy - all for £6.

And in the spirit of Christmas, it comes with a free custard battered mince pie, deep fired with a secret ingredent. The 42-year-old chef, originally from Glasgow, is also offering freshly fried Christmas pudding balls - also made with his exclusive batter.

Mr Hughes, said: “I think when you run a restaurant, you have got to stand out from a crowd. “I’m from a cheffing background so I try do so something different every season, so because it’s Christmas, I’ve decided to do this. “And they taste really good.”

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