Santa Claus vists kids at Fire Station in California

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Santa Claus got a head start on his Christmas Eve delivery's, making a special stop at a fire statation in California today. Santa Cluas, AKA Greg Lindfors, gave hugs and support to the Kids and families forced to flee from their homes due to the the Thomas Fire moving across more than 75,000 acres in Southern California. When Santa Claus heard about the terrible damage caused by the fire's, Mr Lindfors wanted to help in anyway he could. Greg Said: "I figured hugs are about the best I could do right now," Lindfors told Santa CCTV Cam: "Santa is really good at hugs. And right now I can't help out, like the firefighters or the Red Cross. But Santa's here to give hugs."

Upon arrival at the Fire House, Santa Claus was met by 250 families registered at the shelter, according to the Red Cross. "We brought Santa to the kids to bring a little bit of cheer,"

Laura Reagan, who's normal job is to helps set up photos with Santa at the Pacific View Mall, told Santa CCTV

. By 4 p.m., Santa's Claus magical appearance was accompanied by piles of donated kids clothes and cosy blankets for people evacuated to use,Santa CCTV reported. Besides actual donations, several have created GOFUNDME fundraisers to help those affected by the fires.

Since the Thomas Fire broke out earlier this week, more than 35,000 residents have had to evacuate their homes from villages and towns in the area. Small brush fires, including the Creek, Rye and Skirball, have meant more evacuations and led officials to shut down the Interstate 405. Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency in Los Angeles County.

In difficult times like this, it's important to find hope wherever one can, which is what makes Mr Lindfors' small, yet joyful, gesture all the more worth while. While many of the children loved Santa and told them what they wanted for Christmas, one little boy just wanted a very long hug. Ah Sweet!

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