Soggy Santa Claus shows up at York Christmas parade -- a bit late.... and wet

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YORK Mayor Eddie Lee has close ties with Santa Claus. Lee said Santa’s red suit is drying after steady rain washed out a good portion of Wednesday’s York Christmas parade. The York Comprehensive High School band and other parade participants were forced to cancel plans to march in the city’s annual parade because of ill-timed rain, which shortened the parade and confused some parade-goers. Because the 120-something parade floats groups finished the route faster than usual, it created a long delay between the last group and Santa Claus arrival, which marks the end of the parade.

A number of families, thinking the parade had finished without a visit from Santa Claus, began heading back to their cars.

Traffic made it hard for Santa Claus to get from the North Pole to York, said Mary Ward, executive director of the Greater York Chamber of Commerce, which organizes the Christmas parade. Once the marching bands had to pull out of the parade, the timing got a little mad, she said. Earlier that morning, local band directors said they were comfortable with attending. But by the time the parade began at 4:30 p.m., the rain was too heavy, she said. “They were on top of each other, and we were trying to get everybody out of the rain,” Ward said. She considered postponing the parade, but forecasts for December 13th showed a high of just 42 degrees, she said. But for those who did stick around, some of whom were watching from their warm, dry cars, Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus did indeed appear, on the back of a York Fire Department ladder truck.

“Santa survives rain,” Lee said. “And Mrs.Claus is strong, too. I do know this, there was a lot of people still there. People were beeping their horns. Santa Claus was just heading back to the North Pole.” Lee said Santa and Mrs. Claus needed to ride on the fire truck because the reindeer were feeling sick.

Still, if any child who loves Santa Claus missed seeing Santa on Wednesday, they can catch up with him this weekend. He’ll be back for a “Breakfast with Santa” community event 8 a.m. Saturday at the York Recreation Center on White Rose Lane. “I’m sure the suit will be dry by then,” Lee said.

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