What Santa Claus looks like in different countrys

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The jolly, bearded Santa Claus that Americans know and love is not the only version of a Santa-like mythical being. In Spain, children receive gifts from the three Reyes Magos (three Wise Men). In Germany, children are fearful of Krampus: the demonic being that whips and kidnaps children who have misbehaved.

Santa Claus wearing green costume
Did you know Santa looks different in different countries?

Most Americans tend to think of Santa Claus as the jolly man in the red suit with a sack full of toys to deliver to children around the world on Christmas.

But the Santa Claus you see in American movies and on Coca-Cola bottles is only one version of a mythical being who either rewards or punishes children and gives out gifts around Yuletide. From Sinterklaas in The Netherlands who rides a horse to the female Christkind in Austria and Germany, here's how Santa Claus is portrayed in 13 countries around the world.

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