Does Santa Claus have a summer job or only work at Christmas?

Many have been asking us here at Santa CCTV Cam if Santa Claus has a summer job? We have been looking into this and have spoken to the big man in red him self. So, does Santa Claus have a summer job? A question we get asked all the time.....

Well, Yes and No is the simple answer. Santa doesn't do a traditional job like you or me when he's not delivering millions of presents around the world. He cant be seen working in Tesco or a shoe shop or frying eggs and bacon in a London café, but that doesn't mean he's not hard at work 365 days a year.

For 11 months of the year Santa Claus can be found in his frozen North Pole workshop, designing, making and organising all his elves who produce the millions of Christmas presents each year for Santa to deliver on Christmas Eve 2018. So I hear you say 'does Santa Claus get paid' well again this is a yes and no answer. Officially he is not paid in money like normal people are. But why would magical Santa need money? He lives in his frozen castle workshop deep in the North pole which he owns and pays no mortgage on, his staff (the elves) all work for free, however they recive free food, boardings and live for ever in Lapland so I suppose this more than makes up for the lack of money provided. Another fine benefit is working with the most famous man in the world.

So, here at Santa CCTV Cam we have been thinking of ideal summer jobs for Santa Claus. Below are our top 5 job ideas.

Santa could work in a bar

We think this could be a great summer job for Santa! Free alcohol, free Karaoke and if he worked in a sunny country like Spain long days on the beach. But what would Mrs Claus think of this Change in job direction?

Santa could work in Mcdonalds

This was the brain child of one of our staff here at Santa Cam CCTV. Could you imagine being served by Santa at Mc Donald's? Would he even be very good at frying the famous fries and flipping Big Mac burgers? Would he still fit into his famous red suit or would it have to be made bigger? We will leave it upto you to decide. Santa could work as a road sweeper

Another great idea from one of the Santa CCTV Cam staff here who run our website every day. But could you really imagine Santa Claus sweeping the streets in London or Newyork? Would his red suit get to dirty? However, we was thinking if he drove one of the little truck road sweepers this could be quite fun. He could even have it pulled by his very own Reindeers.

Could Santa Claus work as an Airline Pilot?

Well, we suppose it could be possible. After all Santa has millions of hours of Flying experience. Ok its not flying a Jumbo jet or a 747 aeroplane but if he can fly a wooden sleigh around the world which has no engines and is only powered by Magic Reindeer we are sure he could easily manage to fly a jumbo Jet.

Could Santa Claus work as a train Driver? Maybe this would be an easier job for Santa, after all he needs to rest his legs in preparation for a busy Christmas Eve. We will forward his CV to London underground and see what they think.

How does Santa Claus wrap so many presents so quickly?

What do you think Santa Claus idea Summer job would be? Drop us an email and let us know using the contact us form on our website.

Santa's horse is the real draw

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