How does Santa Claus wrap so many presents so quickly?

Just how does Santa Claus Wrap so many presents in time for Christmas Day? Does Santa Have a wrapping paper machine? Does he watch the Wrapping process on Santa Cam? Find out more on the Santa CCTV Cam website. One of the main questions we get asked here at Santa Cam CCTV is how does Santa Claus wrap so many presents in such a short amount of time? I dont send my list until November yet the Present is wrapped and ready for me by Christmas Day.

Santa Cam CCTV has been lucky enough to have a sit down and a Chat with Santa Claus in his North Pole home and ask him these pressing Christmas questions.

Jane Air, Santa CCTV chief reported asked the questions.

Q: Santa Claus, just how do you wrap so many presents in such a short amount of time?]

A: Its magic, that's all I can say. We don't have a wrapping machine and all our present wrapping is done by hand. At the North Pole time is endless so although it may seem like we have a limited time to wrap we in fact have all the time in the world. There are no clocks and no set time at the North Pole. We take our time and get every present wrapped perfectly.

Q: Santa Claus, who picks the wrapping paper for the Christmas Gifts?

A: Both my self and Mrs Claus spend time with the elves choosing each years wrapping paper. A lot of thought needs to go into it, as a poorly wrapped gift is a bad gift. We like every Christmas present we send out to be perfect in everyway, that includes the Wrapping.

Q: How much wrapping paper do you use each year?

A: Every year we use approximately 3,959 miles of recyclable Christmas wrapping paper. That's roughly like putting a whole piece of wrapping paper around the world.

Q: Do your Elves do the Wrapping?

A: Yes the Elves do most the Wrapping, they are very good at it but if we are falling behind on time both my self and Mrs Claus jump into the North Pole wrapping department and give a hand. Its not unknown for the Reindeer to come and help as well, they are surprisingly good at it.

Q: What do you recommend people to do with there wrapping paper after its been torn off?

A: We would like to see as much of our Christmas Wrapping paper recycled as possible. We know this isn't always possible or practical and we also know piles of wrapping paper is great to jump into and for pets and small children to play with. We will be working towards a zero waste wrapping paper in the future. Watch this Space.

Thank you Santa Claus for answering our Christmas Wrapping paper questions! We will continue to watch you on our Santa Cam's to see your latest news.

Read more About Santa Claus on the CCTV website News Section.

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