Santa Claus set to Launch new North Pole Fashion retail Outlet called Santa-mark.

Santa Claus is set to Launch new North Pole Fashion retail Outlet called Santa-Mark. The Fashion industry and high street chains were today in turmoil over the announcement Santa Claus is set to open a world wide Fashion Store empire Called Santa-Mark. The Budget clothing store belived to be based on the business models of Primark, Next Fashion and Marks and Spencers have both raised an eye brow at the possibility of the New Santa Claus themed Clothing company.

A spokesperson for Santa Claus International Ltd, Santa's new commercial arm of his Christmas Delivery Business which is based in the UK Said, 'Everyone at Santa Claus International investments Ltd are really excited to be launching this new fashion brand on behalf of Santa-Claus. We look forward to inviting the world wide press and public into our new Shops to show off our wares. We will offer a range of both Santa Claus and Elf Costumes, fancy dress products, Christmas Biscuit tins and a range of Christmas decorations. This will be in addition to Santa's Free delivery system and Santa Cam Business.'

It is widley anticipated that the stores, named after Santa-Claus will offer both budget and high end clothing. On the Santa Claus International website a red Santa suit, in size XXXL, is shown the the price tag of £9.99. Larger sizes are also available. An authentic elf suit will set you back around £4.99 and comes in both red and green. Both male and female elf costumers come with tights and a bobble hat.

The world wide Fashon industry, worth billions of pounds each each is a surprised new Market for Santa Claus who traditionly offers his Christas eve delivery service for Free. Some business alalyists are debating if this is the start olf Santa Claus charginf for his services. Mark Littlehead, founder of Business alalistics group Little heads together said in a statement: 'We are in worrying times. The world wide credit crunch nd gobal economic downturn in makets seems to be affecting everyone, including thye free servies provided by Santa Claus. In 2018 Santa Claus Started charging for his much anticipated Santa-cams. Could this be a hint that he is now in fact being forced to subsidice his free Present giving services with a paid for premium service such as his new Fashion Empire Santa-mark?'

Is Santa Claus Planning to opening a Christmas themed Supermarket to sell his Santa Cams?

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