Santa Claus caught on Santa-Cam Speeding, Christmas 2018

North pole police have announced today that Santa Claus has been Caught speeding on Santa-Cam at an amazing 12 million miles an hour. In a report on the North Pole Police website, Chief inspector Brian Adams said 'It is with regret we have to inform you that we have given Santa Claus a Speeding ticket today. He was spotted in the sky's over the North Pole on Santa-Cam doing speeds in excess of 12 million miles an hour. Santa was given a fixed penalty notice of 80 North pole pounds and has also been required to take a driving awareness course. We hope Santa takes from this that traveling at those sorts of speeds across the world is Dangerous. Santa Claus will not be sent to prison'

In a statement released by Santa's press office, Santa CCTV was told: 'Its with great regret that we have to confirm that Santa Claus was caught speeding at 12 million miles an hour in a 10 million miles an hour zone over the North Pole region. Santa accepts that full responsibility and will be paying his fine shortly'

A short while after the news broke a statement on Santa's official website said that he will soon be holding a Charity event for speed awareness, and will be donating an additional plastic Santa-Cam to over one million homes this year.

It is thought the estimated number of people were killed flying in sleighs, dressed in red suits and being pulled by Reindeers in the previous 100 years is zero.

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