Santa Claus denies his Elves are slaves, and welcomes people to watch on Santa-cam

Santa-Claus has denied claims by Elf Rights Charity 'Elf Watch' that his Elves are work Slaves and welcomes people to watch them on Santa-Cam working. Santa-Claus has today denied claims that his 2000 strong work force of elves are domestic slaves. The rebuke came after Elf Rights Charity 'Elf watch' released a report saying Santa's elves are over worked, under feed and have poor working conditions. The 200 page white paper report published by Elf Watch said 'after observation on Santa-Cam it appeared the elves are over worked, some working 12 hour shifts making toys, and that they are only given a 20 minute break for each 12 hour shift and are only granted one afternoon a week off'

However, officials working on behalf of Santa Claus at his Christmas North Pole wonderland said in a statement: 'We strongly rebuke claims made by Santa Watch about working conditions at our North Pole wonderland. We agree our elves work long hours and many of them have been working for us for thousands of year. The Elves enjoy long working hours and thrive on the cold conditions in the North Pole. We welcome anyone with concerns about the working conditions at Santa's workshop to buy a Santa-Cam and view how happy the Elves are them self's. We believe that the footage watched by Elf Watch was fabricated by an ex-elf who no longer works for us. We would welcome dialogue with the Elf Charity.'

It is estimated that there are over 200,000 elves working illegally across the globe and Elf Watch is the main world wide Charity dealing with there welfare.

Did Santa Claus invent the wheel or only the Santa Cam?

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