Santa Claus has today announced he is to run in the North Pole elections and has invited everyone to watch on their Santa-Cams

Santa Claus has today announced his intentions to run in the 2018 North Pole elections and has invited the Public to watch on Santa-Cam Santa Claus appeared from the steps of the North Pole town Hall wearing his famous red suit, Black boots and sporting a grey beard to announce him nomination. He said: 'Its with great pleasure I am able to announce my nomination for the 2018 North Pole elections. I would like to ask the world to judge me on what I do and everyone is welcome to Watch on Santa-Cam what I'm upto.

The elections due to be held on Christmas Eve 2018 are an exciting new venture for Santa Claus who has held his role as main Christmas present giver for over a million years. It is not yet known what Santa's manifesto will be or what his party is called. Some commentators have played around with the idea that the party could be called the Santa Claus independence party.

A spokesperson for the Santa Claus North Pole official office told Santa CCTV, 'This is an exciting time for Santa and the whole North Pole team. We look forward to the general public being able to watch Santa-Claus live at work on there Santa-Cams.

Would you vote for Santa Claus and will you be watching LIVE on your Santa-Cam? Let us know.

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