Santa-Claus says peace deal between North and South Korea a 'good thing' and Looks forward to selling Santa-cams on the Koeran Peninsular

Santa Claus has hailed the peace agreement between North Korean President Kim and South Korean president Moon Jae-in and says it opens the way to his Santa-Cams and a Christmas eve delivery of presents on the peninsular. Santa-Claus has today claimed that the historic peace agreement between North and South Korea 'a good thing' and has promised to bring his much beloved Santa-Cams for sale in the two countries if the deal continues. It is not yet known if Santa Claus will now have his ban lifted from entering North Korea and will now be able to deliver presents to the impoverished nation. This comes following years of mis-information stating that the countries King was the real Santa Claus.

A spokes person for Santa-Claus said 'This is really exciting news. This historic peace agreement is the most progress since the end of the Korean war in 1953. It is also the first time a North Korean king has passed into South Korean territory since 1953. The two will take part in a leadership summit latter this year. We are unsure if Santa-Claus will be invited to this meeting but we are hopeful. The statement continued, 'With continued peace in the area talks have already taken place to start to produce Santa-Cams for the Korean people, and the possibility of bringing back a Christmas eve delivery system to the area.'

To mark the start of a new era for the two countries a memorial tree will be planted at the border line between the two countries in a village called Panmunjom.

This good news comes at the same time that a historic meeting is planned between Kim and American president Donald Trump. Trump who has now been president for over a year once referred to kim as 'Little Rocket Man'. Could Kim now be Santa's new best friend? Can this historic agreement bring a better Christmas to the Korean People? We will soon find out and Santa will keep you all updated.

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