UK goverment announce new bank holiday, 'Santa Claus Day' on the 2nd september 2017

The UK government have today announced a new bank holiday for England and wales Theresa May, Conservative Prime Minister has today announced a new Bank Bank Holiday for England and Wales. The new bank holiday will be aptly named 'Santa Claus Day'.

In a statement from the department of bank holidays in Whitehall, Bank Holidays Minister Bradly Talks lot said: This is a really exciting new Bank Holiday for the Uk. It will be compulsory for all English residents to be wearing Santa Claus outfits, however, climbing down chimneys on the day will be optional. We anticipate this will be a great public holiday, similar to the Christmas celebrations on December 25th 2018. Anyone caught not wearing a Santa Claus outfit on the day will face arrest and prosecution. This will be a Christmas themed bank holiday.'

Civil rights group have condemned the new Bank Holiday and said it is an outrage people will be made to wear a Santa Claus Suit. Jilly Cactus from the Federation of human rights said: 'to force people into wearing a Santa Claus outfit is wrong. This stinks of a dictatorship

What do you think of the new bank holiday? Let us know at Santa Cam CCTV.

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