Will Santa make changes to his Santa Cam system to replace plastic domes with glass?

Rumours in technology circles have today said they expect an announcement that Santa Claus is expected to change his Santa Cam domes from Plastic to glass. The news comes after Samsung who make the plastic domes from the Santa Cam systems said its order for 50,000 Santa Cam plastic domes had been cancelled and the order given to a glass company. News of the cancelled order for plastic domes shocked the international stock market and brought Samsung's shares crashing doen by 5% knocking almost 2 billion off its worth. Director of international sales Zurik Galsberg said in a Statement: 'The agreement and order with Santa Claus to make Santa Cam plastic domes has been in place for 5 years now. We are happy we have fulfilled this order to Santa's satisfaction. We are sad to see Santa taking his business else where but wish him every luck with his Santa Cam improvements'

It is widely thought that Santa has moved the manufacture of his famous Santa Cams to glass makers 'North Pole Glass' to streamline the product process of the Cams. The Camera's designed to catch Santa on camera are made in the North pole and it was thought the cost of shipping from China plus new import tariffs imposed by the new North Pole president have lead Santa to this change.

A statement on the North Pole website said: 'This change has been planned for many years. It has always been our intention to increase the quality and clarity of our Santa Cams and changing from plastic to glass is just one step in that process. Other Changes will take place this year to ensure our Santa Cams are of the very highest quality and available for sale on the Santa CCTV website. We look forward to selling thousands of Santa Cams again this Christmas.'

Its not the first time Santa has changed suppliers for his most needed items. In 2009 Santa changed his wrapping paper supplier from 'Wrappers R US' to 'The North Pole Wrapping Company' Its thought that this change made a 2 billion pound improvement in Santa's cash flow, allowing him to invest more money into designing technology toys for Christmas 2018.

In 2014 Santa moved the production of his Secret Magic Reindeer Food from the Reindeer Company to www.magicreindeer.co.uk this Change was recommended by consumer watch group 'Which Reindeer' who said the new type of magic reindeer food was better.

We look forward to seeing the new type of Santa Cams this Christmas and the other improvements Santa has made to his system.

Did Santa Claus invent the wheel or only the Santa Cam?

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