Santa Claus says he will NOT walk Megan Markle down the isle at the Royal wedding and will watch on Santa Cam instead

Santa Claus has said that rumours he will be taking the place of Megan Markle's Farther, Thomas Markle are far fetched and totaly untrue.

Offical confirmation came today to dispell rumours that Santa Claus is to take the place at this Saturdays royal wedding of Megan Markles Farther, Thomas. Mr Markle who has been in recent bad health has revelealed he will be having an operation on his heart on wednesday. Speculation has been rife across the internet that followeing revelations Mr Markle took money for staged photographs of him self being fitted for a suit and looking at pictures of the happy couple in an internet cafe.

In a statement realsed by Sant's PR office, it reads: Santa Claus can confirm he has not been asked by anyone in the royal family or by Mr Markle to walk Ms Markle down the isle at Saturdays ceramony in Winsor. Santa Claus wishes the happy couple a Fantastic day and has said he will be tuning in on his Santa Cam to catch all the action.

Although this brings to an end the Rumours that Santa will be the one to walk Ms Markel down St Georges Chapel in Windsor it comes in a week of gossip and online back biting from the Markle Family. In a US media interview, Ms Markles sister, Samantha Markle claimed ' If its about my life or my farther there is something in this country called free speech. She doesn't have copyright on that and she's not going to tell me that I cant speak about my life or my fathers life where its a matter of public self-defence'

Ms Marbles half sister has agreed that her relationship with Megan has been fraught and they have only spoken once in ten years. During the interview he sister omitted that had infact brought the couple a wedding present but she was unable to confirm if it was a Santa Cam for this Christmas coming or not.

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Will Santa Claus be invited to the Royal wedding or have to watch on Santa Cam

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