Donald Trump caught on Santa Cam during visit to UK

Santa Claus has said he welcomes Donald Trumps visit to the UK and watched it live on his Santa Cam

News from the North pole this week is that Santa Claus was pleased to see Donald Trump visiting the UK to strengthen the 'Special relationship' between the two countries and he watched the whole event on his Santa Cam from the North Pole.

Santa Claus, Who has announced he is to release a Santa Cam fitness video before Christmas said in an interview with the North Pole Post: 'It was really great to watch Donald Trumps UK visit on my Santa Cam. I'm currently working on my new Tv Channel Santa Cam 1, which will be launching in early November but I took time out from my busy schedule to watch Donald Trump and Melania on my Santa Cam in the UK.' Its was also recently announced that Santa Claus will release a Fitness Video on Santa Cam Before Christmas.

Im still working on My Deal with Duracell to supply batterys with my Santa Cams this year and have a meeting with Donald Trump latter this year to discuss cutting costs on my delivery system

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