Santa Claus to minitor heat wave on Santa Cam

Santa Claus has said he will continue to Monitor UK Heat wave on Santa Cam.   Santa Claus has said he will continue to monitor the UK'S unprecedented heat wave on his Santa Cam and make additional arrangements for drinking water for his reindeers if it continues. In a statement on the Official Santa Cam website Santa Said
I continue to monitor the unprecedented heat wave in the UK on my Santa Cam, and if it continues I will make plans to provide extra drinking water to my Reindeers over the Christmas Period. We appreciate our customers leaving out Magic Reindeer Food on Christmas eve but this year we very well maybe asking people to leave out water for my Reindeer as well.
The Statement from Santa's Santa Cam Company follows a sunburn warning that has been issued across the UK after hundreds were hospitalised as Britain struggles to cope with the heatwave. People are encouraged to ‘use common sense’ when enjoying the sun and protect themselves from damaging UV rays, Public Health England has urged. The warning comes after 220 people were admitted to hospitals in Northern Ireland over the past two months for sunburn treatment.

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