About the Santa Cam

  What is a Santa Cam? A Santa Cam offical (made by Santa Claus) is a round plastic/glass done camera. It comes in Varuoius sizes and colours. A Santa-Cam is used to Catch Santa Claus on Camera when he is in your home.

The History of the Santa Cam:

One day in ealry January 2014 Santa Claus was sitting in his North Pole Magical head quaters (known as Santa's Secret snow kingdom palace) and a letter arrived down Santa's huge Chimney. Its highly unusual for santa Claus to recive a letter at this time of the year so he sent one of his elves, Patch, to go and get the letter for him from the grand old fire place (luckily the fire was not alight). The letter was addressed to: Santa Claus, North Pole secret Kingdom and was marked as 'Urgent' on the envolope. Santa opend the letter and to his surprise it Said:

Dear Santa Claus

Thank you for my presents this year. My Brother Simon has been very horrible to me this year and he has said santa Claus is not real.

Im really upset becouse my brother said that my parents leave the presents and you do not exsist.

Please write back to me to prove you are real. I think my brother is wrong but i want to prove to him you are real. I really enjoyed the present you sent me Christmas eve and I play with it everyday. For this Christmas 2018 i would like a BMX bike and a doll.

Thank you

Jack Jones (Manchester, Canal street, Uk)

Santa was saddened by the letter. Although Santa is used to rumours about him on the internet its always disheartening when a young child is starting to become a bisbeliver. Previous rumours were santa was going to walk Meghan Markle down the isle, when in fact he was going to watch on Santa-Cam, and a rumour did Santa Claus invent the wheel or only the Santa-Cam?, despite it being well known Santa Claus does not need wheels as his Magic Sleigh can fly, pulled by his 12 Magical Reindeers.

Santa started thinking 'how can i make sure the modern generation belive in Santa Claus? What modern, new twist can i put on the Santa Claus Christmas Eve experiance?'

It was then Santa was struck by a Magical Brainwave. A Camera, A Santa-Cam in every home in the world so the children could see him arriving at thier house with the presents. What better way to make children belive in Santa Claus. Santa Called his head of Elf production, Dodger to his North Pole office. This was not the first time Santa Claus had come up with a Great Idea for a new Christmas Product.... In 2017 Santa decided to launch a Fitness video recorded on Santa-Cam, and a Santa Cam tv Channel called SC1.

Between the two of them (Santa Claus and Dodger) they started to design this fantastic new product called they called the Santa-Cam. They thought about other names for the device such as, the Santa Tracker, Santa Spy Cam, and Catch Santa on Camera Uk, but in the end the Santa-Cam name remained.

Origionally when Santa Claus told his wife Mrs Claus about the new product she was somewhat sceptical. She was concerned that allowing children to see what Santa did in there home somehow took away part of the Magic. Santa disagreed and in his view the Santa-Cam made Christmas even more Magical.

The origional design which turned our to be a disaster was a Christmas bauble type Santa Cam that could hang from the childrens Christmas Tree and Catch Santa on Camera. Unfortunatly this design had its faults, and the camera ket spinng and facing into the Tree. Dodger sugested using the design from a real world CCTV Camera. Santa claus was not keen on the design, but he said maybe a more modern design for his new Santa-Cam was required.

Dodger came up with several designs. Santa Claus favourite one was the domed Santa-Cam with Flashing red light. Once the final design was signed off by Santa Claus the NEW SANTA CAM hit production in his North Pole workshop. Over the next few years Santa tweeked the design to what you see today. One major change was changing the dome on the Santa Cam from Plastic to Glass, and a deal with Duracell to include free battery's with every Santa Cam (before Santa-Cam's run on AA battery's supplied by the Energize Bunny).

Over the next decade Santa-Cam sales increased yearly. Today almost 15.9 million homes in the world have a working Santa-Cam, bringing joy to Millions of Children all over the world at Christmas from the UK to the USA.

Santa Continues to develop his Santa-Cam and a New Santa-Cam X Model is expected at Christmas 2018.

What do Retailers think of the Santa-Cam?

Upmarket retail store John Lewis, who is famous for its John Lewis Christmas Advert 2018, who stocks Santa-Cams Said:

The Santa-Cam is an amazing product. We sold just over 1 million of the devices in 2017 and expect sales to grow in 2018. We are excited to hear that a new range of Santa-Cams will be hitting the Christmas 2018 Market and look forward to working with the Santa-Claus team to bring this product to market.

Online Retailer Amazon who sell over 2 Million Santa-Cam's each year Said:

The Santa-Cam market is growing year on year. We noted a 70% increase in Santa-Cam sales in the financial year 2016/17 and with the iminent launch of the NEW Santa-Cam we are expecting sales to again increase this year for Christmas 2018. We will certainly be stocking the new Santa-Cam.

Phone designers Apple said:

The santa Cam is an amazing piece of technology up there with the best like the iPhone. We really look forward to working with Santa Claus this year to design an APP for his Santa-Cam system.

Online auction house eBay who have a 20% share of the Santa Cam market Said: 'This is exciting news that Santa is to release a new Santa-Cam for Christmas 2018. We look forward to seeing it listed on our website soon.

What do Parents think of the Santa-Cam?

We spoke to Parent Jeana Miller who has 3 children under the age of 12. She Said:

The Santa cam is such a fun product we really look forward to getting it out from the loft each year. Its also great as a behavioural tool to keep the children behaving well. When we say Santa is Watching they soon start to behave them selves.
What do Children Think of the Santa Cam?

We spoke to 5 year old Alex who lives with his mum Susan in Dagenham, Essex. He Said:

'I love my Santa Cam, its the best thing ever. But i have to be careful i am not naughty becouse if Santa catches me on his Santa Cam i might not get any presents.

Whats Inside a Santa Cam?

Althought the workings of the Santa-Cam are a closley gaurded secret by Santa Tech Magzine Which took a Santa cam to pieces to try and discover how it works. To there amazment apart from a few very small cercuit boards and tehe flashing light the Santa Cam actually contained very little machinery. Jacob Walsh head of product reviews at Which Magazine said: 'We was really surprised to open up the Santa-Cam and find such little machinery. We did however find a little bottle of Magic Dust and we think this might be behind the Magical powers of the Santa Cam. The magic bottle was there for only seconds. As soon as we lifted the lid it seemed to disappear.

When Santa Claus was informed that Which Magazine had attemoted to open a Santa Cam to discover his secrets he Said: (Laugh) There is certainky not way to hack into the Santa Cam system by opening up his exterior casing. The Santa-Cam system runs on Magic and there is no way other than if you are an elve to gain access to our Magic Potion. We do not recomend people dismalte there Santa Cam as this can break the magic and stop the Unit working.

Santa Cam Privacy

Its not all been positive reviews though. Anti Christmas group 'i dislike Christmas' said: I think its a gross invasion of Privacy. Why on earth anyone would want a Santa-Cam is beyond me and my organisation. Although childrens Charity Childline has said that the camera's are safe.

20 Santa-Cam Facts

1.) More Santa Cams were sold in Christmas 2017 than Crackers

2.) If the light stops flashing on your Santa cam it will still work

3.) Santa Claus is planning to release a new Santa Cam for Christmas 2018

4.) Becouse the Santa-Cam works with Magic it is enviromentally friendly

5.) You can recycle your Santa Cam at any Tesco Store

6.) Santa can see everything you do on his Santa cam, so ensure your good at all times.

7.) Santa-Cams are made of recyled plastic so do not hard the enviroment

8.) If you put every Santa-Cam in the world together they would strecth from Scotland to London and back.

9.) Its reported that the queen brought a Santa Cam for Prince George Christmas 2018

10.) It was reported than even the pope had a Santa Cam at the Vatican

11.) The first Santa Cam was sold on the 18th Septmber 2004 in Doncaster

12.) The first Santa cams had an adhesive backing. This was not strong enough which resulted in the screw fix Santa-Cam you see today

13.) In 2012 over a million Santa-cams were recalled after a fault developed causing it to produce a grainy video affect

14.)The first Santa-Cam was produced with a Black Plastic base. You can now buy Santa Cams in Black, white and even Pink or Glitter

15.)Santa Claus negotiated his own deal with Darcell to provide batterys for his Santa-Cams, and even flew into London on a secret mission to meet the Durcaell Board of directors

16.)The average life Span of a Santa-Cam is 4 years. After this time the Magic inside the unit begins to reduce and a new Santa-Cam is required

17.)The new Santa Cam (due to be released in Decmber 2018) is rumoured to be HD and has a moving dome

18.)Reindeers can Recharge from the Santa Cam. If Santa's Reindeers run out of Magic Reindeer Food they can recharge by just looking at a Santa cam and using the Magic Engergy.

19.)A Santa-Cam will work outside. Althought most people think a Santa-Cam is for indoor use only you can infact use Your Santa-Cam indoors or out.

20.)Santa has a Santa Cam in his Reindeer house to watch over his Reindeers when they are asleep.

5 Top Santa-Cam Statistics

1.) 1 in 4 homes in the UK Has a Santa Cam

2.) 3 in 4 Santa Cams in British homes are Black

3.) 3 in 4 Santa-Cams are purchased online

4.) 2 in 4 buy a digital video of Santa Claus

5.) 1 in 4 Santa Cams are replaced within 2 years

Santa Cam Top 5 Distributors

1.) Santa CCTV Cam

2.) Amazon

3.) Argos

4.) John Lewis

5.) Tesco UK

What do you think of the Santa-Cam? Do you have a Santa Cam in your home? Let us know in the comments below.

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