New Glitter Gravy Launched for Christmas 2018

A new type of Gravy has been Launched for this Christmas, Called Glitter Gravy! The new must have product available from priced at a very reasonable £4.99 is now available on its website. Glitter Gravy Inventor Craig Jones, who also owns the magic reindeer food company said in a statement 'We are very excited to be bringing our range of Glitter Gravy's to the UK market for Christmas 2018. Our glitter gravy comes in a small pouch which you add to your normal granulated, or homemade gravy. It doesn't change the taste of texture at all but it looks very pretty' Its seems its not just the Uk Market that is impressed by the New Glitter Gravy for Christmas 2018. Santa Claus, owner of the Santa Cam company where you can buy a Santa Cam online said in a Statement. 'I think this new Glitter gravy is great fun. I will be featuring it in my Santa Cam cookery show due to be aired in November and December. Santa Claus also claimed on his Santa Cam show that he might sell the Glitter Gravy in his Christmas themed supermarket.

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