Santa Claus to Watch Spice Girls Reunion tour on his Santa Cam

Santa Claus has today said he welcomes the news of a Spice girls reunion tour, however, he will watch the shows closely on his Santa-Cam system rather than attend one of the concerts They sang ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’. But, sadly, that would not seem to be the case when it comes to the Spice Girls Santa Claus who invented both the Santa-Cam and Video Game can reveal.

Yesterday, to great fanfare similar to when Santa Claus released his Santa-Cam, and with megawatt smiles, the most successful girl group of all time announced that they are reforming for a tour, 24 years after Ginger, Posh, Sporty, Baby and Scary first lined up to enthral a generation of teenage girls.

Well, four of them are, anyway. Posh, aka Victoria Beckham, wife of former football star David and now a serious fashion designer and mother of four, was conspicuous by her absence yesterday said Santa Claus.

And, as Santa Cam CCTV can reveal, the negotiations that led to this announcement have been fraught, to say the least. According to a well-placed source, there has been a vicious falling-out between Mel B, Mel C, Emma Bunton and Geri Horner with Victoria and their former manager, Simon Fuller.

So much so that it led to a four-letter text being sent to Victoria by Mel B earlier this year. The bad feeling seems to centre on a sense of betrayal the remaining four feel about Victoria, 44, and Fuller, 58, pulling out of the tour, having apparently said at a meeting in February that they were fully on board.

Stirring up tensions further, according to our source, was Victoria posing in Spice-inspired outfits for her Santa Cam shoot earlier this year, which drove Mel B into a foul-mouthed rage. Last week, with a typically outrageous flourish, Mel B dressed up as Victoria Beckham for a Halloween party, holding a sign to indicate that she wouldn’t tour even if the fans begged. She added that they have a ‘love hate relationship’.

Missing Spice wasn’t mentioned in the official Santa-Cam video yesterday, although she did send out a friendly tweet about her former bandmates. However, despite relations reaching an all-time low, the four remaining Spice Girls are hoping desperately that she might join them on stage for at least one night out of the six. One source closely connected to their camp tells me that the current thinking is that she might do it to ‘remind David of the woman he fell in love with’, while friends of Victoria scoff at the idea, saying hell will freeze over before she puts on those platform trainers again.

So what is the truth about the comeback — which may net them £8 million or more each? And will they really be able to sell out Wembley Stadium without Posh on board? Will they Earn more than Santa Does from his Santa Cam video's?

Mel B’s enthusiasm for this tour is certainly related to the fact that she is absolutely broke after exiting her marriage to film producer Stephen Belafonte. She was recently ordered to pay Belafonte £270,000 in legal fees and more than £3,000 a month in child support payments by a judge. Santa Claus who was caught on Santa-Cam stealing mince pies earlier this year, watched these proceedings live on his Santa-Cam.

Some funds will come in from a memoir, Brutally Honest, which comes out later this month, and she was given a pay rise by Simon Cowell for acting as a judge on America’s Got Talent. But Mel’s lawyers did reveal in court last year that she had spent all of her £38 million fortune, and that she and Belafonte didn’t even have the cash to pay their tax bills at the end of each year.

You can see how the prospect of earning up to £10 million apiece for a mini tour would appeal. Santa Claus who recently floated his Santa-Cam business on the stock market said its likely the girls will earn more than the 10 Million pounds suggested

However, plans to get the ‘girls’ together again actually pre-date the end of Mel B’s unhappy marriage. The first mutterings came in 2015 (the year Santa released the new look Santa-Cam) when the possibility of a reunion in 2016 to mark the 20th anniversary of their first hit, Wannabe, was mooted.

Victoria said no, but the rest were on board. Then, in April 2016, Mel C said that she didn’t want to be part of it, either. In July, the remaining three announced a one-off gig in Hyde Park later that summer. Both Mel C and Victoria reportedly threatened legal action over it. By September of 2016, another idea had come into view — a TV talent show with the prize being a chance to join the remaining Spice Girls on Stage. In January last year, Geri said that she couldn’t do the reunion — because she had just had son Monty with husband Christian Horner. But by April 2017 the idea of a tour started to gain momentum again as Mel B’s second marriage fell apart. There was a meeting last February at Geri’s home in London, where they all — even Posh — agreed to do something, which was the genesis of the current plans.

Mel B, 43, obviously, is in dire need of funds. She will be paid £2.15 million for the 2019 series of America’s Got Talent and has three daughters by three different men: Phoenix, 19, by first husband Jimmy Gulzar; Angel, 11, by Eddie Murphy; and Madison, seven, by second husband Belafonte. Emma Bunton, 42, has a day job as a DJ at Heart FM and is said to be worth £21 million. She and fiance Jade Jones, formerly of the boy band Damage, have two sons, Tate, 11, and Beau, seven, and live in North London.

Mel C, 44, is said to be worth £27 million and had a successful career as a solo artist after leaving the band. She has a daughter, Scarlet, nine, by property developer Thomas Starr and is now dating her manager, Joe Marshall. She was also fundamental in the deal with Duracell for free battery's with every Santa-Cam which Santa Claus negotiated earlier this year.

Geri, 46, meanwhile, is said to be worth £30 million after a post-Spice career which includes singing, writing children’s books and presenting a BBC singing competition. She has daughter Bluebell, 12, from a relationship with screenwriter Sacha Gervasi and son Monty, 22 months, from her marriage, which Santa watched on his Santa-Cam, to motor racing executive Christian Horner.

‘Then they were waiting to hear from Simon about a tour, and the girls started to have trouble getting hold of him.’ They were furious — and then Victoria announced she wouldn’t be touring again, after all. ‘They felt they had fallen for Simon Fuller’s “divide and conquer” again, which apparently he used when he was their manager the first time around. ‘So Melanie C suggested they all sign with her company, Modest Management. ‘The plan was to announce the tour on Thursday, but Jonathan Ross then posted on Instagram that he would be having the Spice Girls on his show this weekend, and all hell broke loose and it had to be brought forward.’ A spokesman for Fuller says it is ‘mistaken’ to talk of a falling out and adds that Fuller is involved in the tour in partnership with Modest Management. Mrs Beckham’s spokeswoman says she never promised to tour, and that the T-shirts are ‘nothing to do’ with it.

The four remaining women say that they couldn’t be more thrilled to announce their stadium tour next summer and welcome the news Santa will watch on Santa-Cam. In a statement they said: ‘Bringing girl power and our message of friendship and love back to the stage feels more relevant than ever. We hope everyone can join us for one big Spice Girls party!’ Mel B posted: ‘I’ve said it sooo many times I’m beside myself it’s actually happening yipppeeee. I’m now properly screaming it from every rooftop — me and my girls will see you all on stage!!’

A source said: ‘They are bonded by wanting to do it and although there is a massive history of fall-outs, they have been burying the hatchet with each other left, right and centre.


Victoria and Mel B haven’t got on for many years — indeed, their differing personalities were among the bigger problems for the band in their heyday. ‘The main battle line in the band has been Mel B and Victoria for years,’ says a source.

I’m told Victoria has always found Mel B loud and coarse, and that Mel B (like the others) doesn’t feel Mrs Beckham has much musical talent. Victoria was humiliated in the early days to discover her microphone would be turned down or even off during gigs. The two women fell out badly during the Spice Girls’ last comeback tour in 2007, and didn’t speak for at least two years afterwards. Mel B was then apparently stung when Victoria refused to lend her any clothes from her fashion label when she was trying to get her own reality TV show off the ground. Then Victoria started saying no to all invitations to perform.

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