Blitzen & Bernard Get Ready For Their Holidays

by Elf Green
Blitzen & Bernard love to travel. They love people and culture. So Santa assigned them the yearly duty of flying around the whole-wide-world to report on how different countries and cultures celebrate the season of Christmas. From Africa to New Zealand, Hawaii to London, Paris to Berlin in their five-part series Bernard helped Santa to understand some of the most interesting facts on how the holiday is celebrated around the globe. Did you know some children call Santa Claus "Pere Noel" and leave their shoes by the fireplace for special treats? Some leave a shoe on the window sill and wait to see if the elves have been each night on the build up to Christmas and placed a sweet treat inside for them to eat each morning? Or that some cultures eat sushi, fish, tamales and coconut pudding for Christmas dinner? Some believe if you are naughty you will receive a lump of coal not a lovely present? Bernard has told Santa all of the really neat traditions our friends around the world keep during this special time of year. Santa loves to hear all about their travels even though he misses them loads when they are gone.

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