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Santa-Claus says peace deal between North and South Korea a 'good thing' and Looks forward to selling Santa-cams on the Koeran Peninsular

Will Santa-Cams now be sold in North Korea?
Santa Claus has hailed the peace agreement between North Korean President Kim and South Korean president Moon Jae-in and says it opens the way to his Santa-Cams and a Christmas eve delivery of presents on the peninsular.
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Santa Claus has today announced he is to run in the North Pole elections and has invited everyone to watch on their Santa-Cams

Santa claus runs for election caught on Santa Cam
Santa Claus has today announced his intentions to run in the 2018 North Pole elections and has invited the Public to watch on Santa-Cam
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Did Santa Claus shoot JFK? New Santa-Cam footage shown by conspiracy thoery website

JFK Meets Santa Claus on Santa-Cam
Conspiracy theroists have today claimed that JFK was infact shot dead by Santa Claus and the whole event was captured on Santa-Cam.
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Santa Claus denies his Elves are slaves, and welcomes people to watch on Santa-cam

elf working on Santa Cam
Santa-Claus has denied claims by Elf Rights Charity 'Elf Watch' that his Elves are work Slaves and welcomes people to watch them on Santa-Cam working.
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Santa Claus taken to employment tribunal by former elf staff member after Santa-Cam Fiasco

Elf caught on Santa-Cam stealing sweets
Santa Claus has been summoned to an employment tribunal in the North Pole following allegation of misconduct caught on Santa-Cam
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Santa Claus caught on Santa-Cam Speeding, Christmas 2018

Santa Claus caught on Santa-Cam speeding in his sleigh
North pole police have announced today that Santa Claus has been Caught speeding on Santa-Cam at an amazing 12 million miles an hour.
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