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How does Santa Claus wrap so many presents so quickly?

Santa Wrapping presents
Just how does Santa Claus Wrap so many presents in time for Christmas Day? Does Santa Have a wrapping paper machine? Does he watch the Wrapping process on Santa Cam? Find out more on the Santa CCTV Cam website.
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What does Santa Claus like to eat?

Santa Claus eating a Christmas Sandwich
What does Santa Claus like to eat? Whats Santa's favoutite recipes and what should i leave out on Christmas Eve for Santa to Eat and drink? Just some of the questions we can answer from our latest interview with Santa Claus.
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Does Santa Claus have a summer job or only work at Christmas?

does Santa Claus have a job or only work at Christmas?
Many have been asking us here at Santa CCTV Cam if Santa Claus has a summer job? We have been looking into this and have spoken to the big man in red him self.
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Santa Claus spotted on Santa Cam running the London Marthon for Christmas Chairty

Running Santa in race
Shocked spectators were amussed today to see Santa Claus on SantaCam running the Anual London Marathon in aid of a Christmas Charity.
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Did Santa Claus invent the Iphone? Did Santa Claus invent the App? Was Christmas's number one gift invented by Santa Claus?

Did Santa Claus invent the Christmas Iphone?
Rumours circulating the internet have claimed that the Original IPhone made by Apple was in fact invented by Santa Claus.
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Santa Claus makes Royal visit to meet HM Queen Elizabeth

Santa Claus Visits windsor Castle at Christmas
Santa Claus made a shock visit the meet Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth this week at Windsor Castle in Berkshire.
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